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About us

About Drive Barbados

Drive Barbados started as a small family business to cater for the transport needs of the people within the island. Our company has grown to become a trustworthy name with friendly customer service and car hire packages that put the customer first.
Drive Barbados is an affordable and efficient car rental company because we offer personalized services to our clients and our car hire rates are tailored to save money and help stay on budget.
Visitors on business and vacation have the opportunity to take advantage of the wide range of special offers and after-sales services that make it easier to stick to their schedules and stay within budget and only have to worry about the things that matter.
Before making a booking, browse through our online easy to use car rental services and related products and hire a car without the inconvenience of long queues.

Our Mission

  • To always aim to provide top quality personalized service at the most reasonable rates.
  • To nurture honesty and operate with integrity in all our dealings and endeavours.
  • To have a clear vision of growth while avoiding complacency.
  • To invest our efforts into building continuous relationships with our customers.

Drive Barbados Car Rental stands for "Everything you need from a rental company, plus, an exceptional customer service"

"Don't hire a car when you arrive, exhausted, at the airport. Get to deliver an air-conditioned hatchback to your hotel for less than the price of an old banger in Europe ... "

Extract from Daily Mail - Travelmail - UK

Robert Hardman -UK

Car Type

Car Hire Barbados - Toyota Yaris
Car Hire Barbados - Toyota Yaris
Car Hire Barbados - Toyota Yaris

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