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Our Core Values


To provide a quality personalized service at the most reasonable rates.


To be honest & reliable with persons who interact with Drive Barbados.


To have a clear vision of growth while not being complacent

Relationship Customers

To foster a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

About Drive Barbados

Drive Barbados started as a small family business to cater for the transport needs of the people within the island.

Our company has grown to become a trustworthy name with friendly customer service and car hire packages that put the customer first.

Drive Barbados is an affordable and efficient car rental company because we offer personalized services to our clients and our car hire rates are tailored to save money and help you stay on budget.

Visitors and persons on vacation can take full advantage of the special offers and after-sales services.

These services will make it easier for them to stick to their schedules and stay their budget as they only have to worry about ensuring that they enjoy their stay in beautiful Barbados.

Where does the name
Drive Barbados come from?

Drive Barbados was inspired by the business that we pursue on a day to day basis here as a car rental company.

We believe in engaging persons with openness and transparency as we believe it is integral to our credibility as a car rental company.

The concept behind the name Drive Barbados was simple as we are a car rental company.

The word Drive best signifies a car rental company and we operate from picturesque sunny Barbados

Hence the combination of the names made us Drive Barbados.

Don't just take our word for it

“Thanks for this. We got in at midnight to a fresh 5 inches of snow and ice. We have rented from just about everyone in Barbados, and you are the best. We will use you again and tell all our friends to do the same! All the best.”


Arthur Beatty – UK

“Sorry to have missed the email, I hope you picked the car up ok, everything was A1 with the car we had an excellent time on holiday. Many thanks for your superb service as always a pleasure seeing you again. Till next time best regards.”


Stuart and Jane Marshall – UK

My Barbados honeymoon

“Don’t hire a car when you arrive, exhausted, at the airport. Get to deliver an air-conditioned hatchback to your hotel for less than the price of an old banger in Europe.”

the Daily Mail

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