Always Read The Small Print With Car Rental Insurance. There’s a Reason It Is So Small

Read the small print! That may sound like something you don’t have time to do when hiring a car, but trust us when we say that it is important, especially where car rental insurance is concerned. Why? Because the small print tells you the truth, not just the bits you want to hear and the bits that make everything sound such a good deal. Remember, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. And which business is most notorious for its small print? That’s right, the insurance industry.

Polar bear slipped on ice

Accidents happen, they are an unavoidable fact of life, but the consequences of an accident can be quite catastrophic, and not just physically. According to the Population Reference Bureau, over one million people are killed each year in vehicle accidents, and over 50 million seriously injured. Of course, insurance doesn’t just cover cars and below is a list of some of the highest individual insurance pay-outs for specific events:

  • A trip to the bank – in 2012 a Virginia man slipped on the sidewalk of the property he was renting. After breaking a few bones in his foot he successfully sued his landlord for US$7.75 million!
  • Painting by numbers – thieves in Germany stole three paintings from an art gallery twenty years ago, two of which were by JMW Turner. The numbers involves were $36 million which the insurance company paid out.
  • Mr Bean’s wasn’t driving a mini when he crashed his car – the actor Rowan Atkinson, famous for his portrayal of the Mr. Bean
    character crashed his Bugatti Veyron sports car and his insurance company had to fork out over US$1.15 million
  • image of a cat laying on the bed with a smiling face

  • A costly car crash in more ways than financially – the insurance company involved in the accident which critically injured Agnes Collier and killed her mother are estimated to pay out over US$37 million – but can you really put a price on life?
  • An ordinary household cat had surgery for kidney failure – his owner was able to afford the best treatment as his cat was insured. The bill came to a whopping US$22,000!

Here at Drive Barbados we will always ensure you have the correct insurance cover for your vehicle rental and rather than avoid the small print, we’ll help you with it. This includes CDW or your collision damage waiver, which can often be a confusing issue.

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