The vibrant Caribbean island of Barbados is a secret gem for those lucky enough to have visited it. It is a 166 square mile island known for the Mount Gay Rum. Mount Gay is one of the world’s oldest and most admired fine rum brands first produced in 1703.

Barbados island is also the birthplace of Grammy Award winner Rihanna and its natural white sandy beaches and emerald-blue waves.

How great would it be to enjoy its laid-back local lifestyle and explore the island in a compact SUV like a Jimny soft top.

Rihanna Oprah Winfrey sitting in Suzuki Jimny soft top car Barbados

Back in August 2012, Rihanna and Oprah Winfrey was driving around the island (Barbados) in a rented blue open top Jimny. She showed the TV host where she grew up in Westbury New Road, St. Michael.

Are you ready for a superstar experience? Because you can drive around the island in the same vehicle that Rihanna loves: a Jimny soft top.

Have you seen Rihanna driving a convertible Jimny around a beautiful island singing ‘Shut Up and Drive?’

“Baby, you got the keys and shut up and drive!” – Line from Rihanna’s song ‘Shut Up and Drive‘ that debuted in 2007.

Did you know that the Barbadian Princess was born in Barbados? Yes, Riri was born Robyn Fenty in 1998. When she was just 16 years old, her debut record Pun De Replay became a global hit and that is how she rose to fame.

Where is Rihanna Drive?

Rihanna at Rihanna Drive Barbados

In honor of the Grammy Award winner, Westbury Road St. Michael was renamed “Rihanna Drive“. The Caribbean Queen attended the village renaming ceremony in November 2017.

One Sandy Lane Rihanna Villa Barbados

Rihanna Drive is in St. Michael, a short distance from the Westbury Cemetery. You will not miss the huge sign with a picture of the beautiful @Rihanna.
The GPS coordinates of Rihanna Drive are: 13.108651, -59.622192

Rihanna is the ‘ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary ‘ of Barbados. Hon. Mia Mottley, the Prime Minister of Barbados, officially conferred her the title.

She is the Caribbean Queen, not just because it’s her home, but because of how much love she has for Barbados.

When does Rihanna come to Barbados

showgirl with colorful costume at a festival in Barbados

Riri comes to Barbados often. You cannot miss her alluring presence during these times:

  • She often joins her family and close friends to celebrate Christmas over the holidays.
  • Family and close friends’ funerals, celebrations like birthdays, weddings, or graduations.
  • As far as cultural events go, Riri, the Bajan bad gal, is a big sensation. She often attends Kadooment festival on the first Monday of August. This is a national cultural event celebrated at the end of the crop over.

Favourite Hotel to stay in Barbados

childhood home of famous singer Rihanna in Barbados

Want to sleep on the same bed that Ri has? Yes you can. Simply book her room at the Sandy Lane Hotel and Resorts in One Sandy Lane, Barbados. The hotel is situated on a beautiful beach with a great view on a beach with fascinating restaurants.

Rihanna’s favorite places to eat in Barbados

If you are wondering what Riri eats when she’s around, her favorite dish is curry chicken. When she visits, she likes to indulge in local sea food such as fish stew, fish cakes, and salt fish.

She has also revealed her two favorite restaurants to eat in the island:

  • Daphne’s Restaurant: Riri sees Daphne’s restaurant as a great place with an amazing sea view. She thinks it to be a great place for hopeless romantics.
  • Waterfront Café in Bridgetown: The cafe overlooks the historic Parliament Building. It also offers a great view of the Careenage. This is a very relaxed place offering live music performance.
  • Oistins street food: Riri recommends that you try the street food offered daily Oistins. This is a coastal town in the Christ Church parish.

    You will find food stalls everywhere offering a variety of local delicacies. The most popular are fried fish and BBQ on the grill.

    You will just need to select a fish and you will have it prepared as you wait. The selections include tuna, lobster, barracuda, mahi mahi, and swordfish, just to name a few.

Shopping in Barbados

Bridgetown is where Riri shops. Here you will find all kinds of handmade jewelry and trinkets sold by many independent shops.

Reb’l Fleur fragrance is on sale duty free at Cave Shepherd Broad Street in Bridgetown. Reb’l Fleur fragrance is a local pop sensation perfume line.

Things you may not know about Rihanna

  • She was a cadet at the Combermere School in Barbados.
  • While she was a cadet at Combermere, she was under the direction of Shontelle, who is also Grammy nominee.
  • She enjoys eating crunchy Cheetos while on tour.
  • When she is in Barbados, she likes to go to the beach and ride on jet skis and yachts.
  • Riri is a philanthropist who donates millions of dollars in support of her community.

    She donated cutting-edge equipment to state-run Queen Elizabeth Foundation through Clara Lionel Foundation. This is in memory of her grandmother Clara Gran Gran Dolly Braithwaite. Riri has also donated over $120,000 to learning institutions across the island.

Why a soft-top Jimny?

A Jimny may not be the most comfortable or the fastest car you can hire. Perhaps not even the most beautiful vehicle. Fortunately, in Barbados, it remains a true classic.

An open top jeep is the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to have a good time with the wind in their hair.

Nature enthusiasts, honeymooners, surfers, and couples on a date, all have a style in common.

Pop sensation Rihanna showed how much fun it can be to travel around the 17 by 14 mile island on a convertible Jimny in class.

Whatever plans you have for vacation this year, just be sure that you get the greatest bangs for your bucks. Book your ticket today, come and hire a soft-top Jimny to experience Barbados, Rihanna Style.

Find Out More About Our Car Rental Rates

Although many people argue about whether public transport or car rental is the best way to explore Barbados, the latter certainly has more perks. A comfortable ride, a more insightful view of the island, traveling with the people you choose and the possibility of unlimited mileage are merely a few of the benefits a leased vehicle has to offer. Below you can find many more reasons why renting a vehicle in Barbados is more worthwhile than using public transportation.
tourist wondering what to choose between public transport or car hiring in Barbados

Explore Every Bit of the Island

The country nicknamed “Bim” is merely 34 kilometers across at its widest point and unfortunately isn’t entirely covered by public transport routes. By hiring a vehicle, you can easily reach even the most hidden beaches and some of the best diving sites in Barbados, including Carlisle Bay and Stavronikita.

Avoid Being Late for Appointments

Buses are also frequently late due to traffic, and they often break down along the road, so they’re mostly unreliable. To make sure you get to your desired destination on time, rent a car which will safely and surely take you to your planned destination.

Don’t Waste Your Time Hanging Around

Even if the local buses manage to depart the bus station on time, they usually stop in every small village along the way. Getting from Bridgetown to Sam Lords Castle with the bus can take up to an hour, whereas you can get there in half the time if you drive.

Don’t be Afraid of Getting Scammed

Besides the usual bus routes, taxis are another option to get around the island. The only problem is that they never run the meter, so you need to negotiate with the driver about the price of the fare. Many tourists have gotten scammed this way, by not knowing the exact value of the trip the taxi driver took them on and ending up paying double the price. With a leased vehicle you know upfront exactly how much car rental hire costs, so there won’t be any annoying surprises when you have to pay.

Enjoy the Freedom a Rental Car Offers You

By hiring your own four-wheel vehicle you can go wherever and whenever you’d like. You don’t have to adhere to someone else’s schedule and it gives you the flexibility of being spontaneous, being able to stop anytime along the way if you happen to come across a beautiful beach or an interesting place to explore

Steer Clear of Overcrowded Local Buses

Because both local Barbadians and tourists often choose to get around via public transport, many buses are overcrowded as no passenger is ever turned down. Imagine if you’re traveling with your luggage or your children and don’t even have a proper place to sit down! In this aspect, renting a car is much more convenient and comfortable, both for you and your family, plus your luggage!

Choose From a Wide Range of Vehicles

From little ‘moke’ to a more substantial four-wheel jeep-style vehicle, you have the choice. Maybe a sedan car rental will fit the bill for comfort and some air-con, or maybe you like to have the wind in your hair with an open-top vehicle. You have a mix between economy and fun when looking at the choice of vehicles available for hire in Barbados.

Be Safe, Instead of Being Cheap!

Though it might sound tempting to rent a moped or a bicycle, you need to consider the fact that the roads in Barbados are somewhat narrow, making it difficult and even dangerous to get around on these budget-friendly bikes. We advise you to lease a mini moke car instead, an open-top vehicle which is very economical, and ideal for the narrow roads.

Our friendly, family-operated business is here to help you choose the ideal rental car, in terms of safety, price, and type, so you can explore the beautiful country of Barbados at your leisure!
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Our List of Available Rental Cars!

Are you interested in hiring a car in Barbados, but have no idea what questions must be asked to end up with a perfect transaction? Renting a vehicle in Barbados does not need to be a complicated matter. You’ll see there is a proven method of getting a great deal every single time.

Therefore, take the time to learn what questions must be asked when using a Barbados car rental service. You’ll save money by doing so and the car you end up with will match your requirements. Here are the top questions you have to ask yourself when leasing a vehicle from a rental company.
a man on a laptop while searching for right questions before hiring a car in Barbados

What extra hire charges will I have to pay for?

The price that’s advertised for car rental is typically not the whole story. There will be unforeseen charges such as:

  • Insurance
  • Baby seats
  • Sat-nav
  • Late returns
  • Fuel charges
  • Damage

Make sure to avoid paying extra charges ahead of time so that you’re able to set your budget correctly.

I have a few negative entries on my driving record, can I still hire a car?

Different companies have different rules regarding the leasing of a motor vehicle to drivers that do not have perfect driving records. Rental companies might not allow you to drive their cars if in the past you have the following violations:

  • Driving without a valid license
  • Driving under the influence
  • Running away from the site of an accident
  • Participant in an accident
  • Violations of seat belt laws
  • Reckless driving

What car hire discounts options are available?

In Barbados, there are many car rental companies, and in an attempt to attract new hirer, discounts are offered. Find out what discounts are available so that you can save money on your rental option.

What happens if an accident occurs?

You have to find out ahead of time what the costs will be if an accident takes place. Perhaps if the charges are steep you can find out what motor insurance options are offered. It makes sense to drive around stress-free knowing your liabilities in the unlikely event you are involved in an accident.

What features does the automobile have?

Nowadays car rental companies have a comprehensive fleet of vehicles that you can make a selection from. This gives you the freedom to hire a car that matches your specific requirements. The different options you can consider are:

  • air conditioning
  • entertainment systems
  • central door locks
  • power windows
  • USB charging ports

Other Useful Car Rental Information That’s Worth Asking

  • Local Barbados map: Make sure to acquire a local map from the car rental company – they are typically given away free of charge.
  • AUTO RENTAL AGREEMENT: Understanding the agreement is important. If there is anything that you don’t understand, then raise your questions with the vehicle hire service.
  • Mileage: Some services cap the number of miles that you are allowed to travel. Find out what the case is with your car rental company.
  • PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF SERVICE: Some vehicle rental will charge you money for a pickup/drop-off service. Ask what these costs are going to be or if they are a complimentary service.

Branded Car Rental Companies VS Drive Barbados As A Solid Option

As you’ve just read there are a number of different questions that must be asked when hiring a car in Barbados. Our family car service will always be glad to answer all your questions before and during any transaction.
For A Deal Ask Us For The Right Quote Before Hiring A Vehicle Today

Like many tourist destinations, there are dos and don’ts for car hire in Barbados. The people are friendly, the beaches are beautiful, and it provides you with a flexible way to explore the island in your own time and at your own pace, helping you get the most out of your vacation here with us. Though, proper planning is the only way of ensuring that you sign a lease on a vehicle that is affordable and suits your needs. Here are some things to look out for before you choose a car rental company in Barbados.
thumbs up and thumbs down representing things not to do when renting a car in Barbados and two vehicles on a road

Dos For Barbados Car Rentals

Here are some tips that will help you to make a decision on choosing a rental car company that is right for you. If you follow these simple titbits of advice, you may find that you get a more affordable deal, a more suitable vehicle, or just avoid inconveniences while you’re on your vacation.

Compare Car Hire Rates

You want to get the best deal when renting a car in Barbados, so don’t just go for the first company you see. Shop around, either online before you travel or once you land in Barbados. Doing this could save you a great deal of money.

Book Your Rental Car In Advance

Some people leave everything until the last minute. Some do it because they are forgetful; some do it because they think they will get a better deal by just “turning up on the day.” Whatever the reasons for it, this is an easy way to start your vacation badly. What if you can’t find transportation because it is a busy period and you didn’t call ahead? Maybe there will be cars available but they will not suit the needs of you and your traveling companions.

If you decide to compare rates online, it’s a good idea to book your hire car as soon as you decide on a provider. This will ensure that the vehicle you want is available and could help you get a cheaper rate.

Check Your Rental Car Before Departure

It may sound obvious, but far too many people forget to do their due diligence when leasing a vehicle overseas. Sure, you want your vacation to start right away, but make sure that you check the hire car thoroughly so you cannot be blamed for pre-existing problems such as:

  • Scratches and dents
  • Tires are roadworthy
  • Working electronics

While walking around the car and looking for issues, take pictures of anything that you think is noteworthy or record a video during your inspection, so that you have proof if there was damage prior to your lease.

Be Wary Of The Heat While You Drive

Newsflash: It gets hot in Barbados! Vacationers tend to want to soak up all of the rays they can, but this could lead to sunburn and heatstroke. If you are visiting from a country with a cooler climate, make sure that your vehicle has working air conditioning. If you opt for a convertible Mini Moke, avoid the temptation of leaving the roof down when the sun is at its hottest.

Learn The Rules Of The Road

The law is there for a reason. It protects you and any third-parties near to you. Whether you know Barbados road laws or not, failing to adhere to road safety legislation is illegal.

  • Don’t speed,
  • Don’t drink and drive, and
  • Don’t drive recklessly

are the three main pieces of advice here. Doing any of those three could hurt you, somebody else, or just cost you money in motor insurance fees and fines. If you would like more information about road rules and driving safely in Barbados, read the safe driving tips from Drive Barbados.

Don’ts For Barbados Car Hire

While the dos listed above can help make your life a bit easier, the points below should be avoided at all costs. Some are dangerous, some are illegal, and most will cost you money (whether on hospital bills, fines, or car damage depends on how badly you mess up)

Over Insure Yourself When Leasing

Certain levels of insurance will be included within the price of the rental, and your own insurance policy may also cover your hire vehicle. Make sure that you check both policies fully and read the fine print so that you know what you are getting and what you need, to avoid over insuring yourself.

Forget About Hidden Fees In The Rental Price

Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions of your motor rental agreement and ask the provider plenty of questions about the lease. This way you won’t be caught out by any hidden fees that you didn’t know about such as restrictions on mileage or returning the vehicle late.

Get Lost When Driving In Barbados

If you’re visiting Barbados for the first time and don’t know the area, make sure that you have a means of navigating. Maps are easy to come by, but if you’re unsure of your map-reading skills, opting for GPS navigation with your hire car might be the sensible option.

Run Out Of Gas For You Rental Car

Equal to getting lost in Barbados, you don’t want to find yourself stuck with an empty fuel tank. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge and keep it topped up. If you are required to return your vehicle with a full tank of gas, make a note of where the closest gas station to the rental company is.

Skip Out On The Final Inspection

Some rental businesses might encourage you to simply hand over the car and keys and leave everything else to them. This is convenient for you and will save you time, which can be tempting if you’re in a rush to catch your flight, but we would advise staying for the final inspection to ensure that everything is settled properly. If the providers find any issue with your hire car, it will be much easier to resolve there and then in person, rather than it turning into your word against theirs in a dispute over the phone or online.

Remember The Dos & Don’ts To Ensure An Enjoyable Trip

Wherever it is in Barbados that you are planning to visit and whatever you plan on doing, keeping the simple rules above in mind can help you to make the right choices when it comes to hiring a car. All in all, you will have a better time if you plan ahead when you rent a vehicle in Barbados.

There’s One More Do To & To Our List of Dos or Don’ts: Get A Quote Today!

If you are visiting Barbados for the first time, or even if you’ve been plenty of times before, you’re going to want to explore as much of the island as you can. The best and most convenient way to achieve this is by hiring a car from a local automobile rental company in Barbados. As well as your time, you’ll also want to make the most of your money while visiting Barbados, so finding a reasonably priced car hire deal should be a priority.
man with briefcase and two hands with vehicle and bag of cash and notebook with 5 tips to save your money on car hire deals in Barbados
Renting a vehicle on your holiday will provide you with the freedom to go where you want, when you want, without having to rely on public transport or taxi drivers. There are a lot of different car leasing companies located in Barbados, each offering varying prices and services. To maximize your holiday budget, you should try to get the most competitive rates available when it comes to hiring a vehicle.

To help you get a good deal on your hired car, here are our top tips to save you money on car rental deals in Barbados:

Shop Around For The Lowest Car Rental Rates

Don’t just go for the first big brand rental company you find, as they might end up being the most expensive; shop around a bit before you make your decision and sign the papers. Take a look around the area you are staying in for some more options or have a look online before you travel to get an idea of what is available and how much you could save on car hire.

Get More For Less On Your Car Hire

The amount for renting a vehicle will become more cost-effective the longer you hire for; so, you might pay $100 to hire a car for a day, or $500 to rent it for the whole week, saving you $200 over the seven-day period.

Pick The Right Season To Travel In

The peak season for tourists visiting Barbados is the winter season from December to mid-April. During these months, car hire rates will be much more expensive as the service is in higher demand. If you travel to Barbados during the rainy summer season between mid-April and November, you will be able to save money on car rental offers.

Choose Your Rental Car Wisely

The automobile you decide to hire will affect the amount of money you pay. Opting for a smaller car will often save you money compared to larger models. Save yourself some money on fuel for your hire car by choosing to rent a vehicle that is fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

Stay Away From The Airport

Car rental services located near to the airport tend to charge much higher rates as they are in high demand. Choosing an agency situated further away may take more time, but you will reap the benefits in the money that you save. Plus, if you hire from Drive Barbados, we will pick you up from the airport and can deliver your rental car to your hotel or villa at a time that’s convenient for you.
Follow these tips to help you to save money on car hire in Barbados, so you’ll have more time and more money to spend enjoying yourself on your holiday. Learn more about Drive Barbados to find out how we can provide you with an affordable car hire solution along with friendly customer service.

Get A Quote To Save You Money On Car Hire In Barbados

If you are coming to Barbados on holiday the chances are you are going to be looking to hire a car. Of course if you haven’t been to Barbados before, then you are going to want someadvice on how to make sure you are able to get the best car hire. Barbados has over a dozen outlets where you can rent a vehicle, but as you will quickly gather, they all have different ways of attracting you, many offering cheap car rental. Barbados is no different to anywhere else when it comes to understanding your need to balance what is clearly offered when you lease a vehicle, and what is hidden in the small print as ‘extras’.
five muffins and five piping tips on a table
You then want to decide if personal service, flexibility and a built-in desire to meet all your needs is important, or if price is the only thing that matters.

Here are the top 5 tips for helping you choose the best car rental Barbados business

  • Flexibility – whatever time of day or night, and wherever you want your vehicle delivered to, they should be there for you.
  • Transparency – while it is always easy to promote what is included in your car hire package such as a free tank of petrol, many firms hide extras away in the small print. Check very carefully what is included and also what is excluded for the price being offered.
  • Quality and immaculately presented vehicles – while the rates charged may only get you an old banger back home, a cheap rental car in Barbados should get you a late-model vehicle that is cleaned and detailed to within an inch of its life! If you are not offered one, someone is trying to take advantage of you!
  • Safety first – your safety is paramount, so make sure your Barbados hire vehicle has been regularly inspected and tested to ensure that you are presented with a car with no potentially dangerous defects. Don’t ever be afraid to ask important questions.
  • Make sure there will be no unexpected surprises once the vehicle has been returned. Make double sure they are happy with its condition so you won’t find later on your credit card has been charged for repairs to damage you knew nothing about and can’t do anything about because you have returned home.

And if there is anything you need to know about driving in Barbados, you should only have to ask and anyone should be happy to tell you. Cheap car hire in Barbados doesn’t have to mean cheap service, so no matter what the problem, if you need help, they should do everything they can to help you out.

At Drive Barbados, we strive to provide you with the most affordable car rental in Barbados, which is why we offer all of the above add-ons and services, and more. Very quickly you will discover just how friendly and helpful they can be and they will be very happy to answer any questions you have to ask.

Enjoy The Full Benefits Of Hiring A Car In Barbados

The airport in Barbados, the Grantley Adams Airport, has been well designed and thought out, certainly allowing for plenty of airport parking. With the need for many Barbadian or Bajan residents to travel abroad, convenient parking at BGI Airport is a must.
rental cars park at Grantley Adams International Airport Barbados
However a good number of tourists and holidaymakers also use the airport for short flights to neighbouring islands, and therefore there is a substantial need for hire car parking.

The layout of the parking facilities at Barbados airport is such that the first five sections are specifically reserved for hire vehicle companies which have offices at the airport itself.

Rental cars from private companies not based at the airport you can park in any area.

(All cost is in $US)

Airport Parking Fee in Barbados

Last year 2017, the airport handled over 2.1 million passengers on over 32,000 flights to and from the island according to the airport’s website-Summary of Traffic 2017

Parking cost at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) effective December 1, 2018:

Duration Cost
30 minutes or part of $1
More than 30 minutes, but less than 1 hour $1.50 per hour
6 hours, but less than 24 hours $9 fixed price
24 hours $12 per day

The penalty for the loss or damaged airport parking cards is as follows:

Duration Cost
Within 24 hours $24.50 ($12.50 penalty + $12 parking fee)
More than 24 hours $24.50 + accumulate parking fees

GAIA airport car park pay station booth – Tel# 4184242 ext. 146.

pay on foot car park pay station in Barbados
At both the departures and the arrivals areas there are automatic pay machines, which accept coins or notes up to BSD$20 (local currency).

There is a 15 minute grace period after payment is made on your card within which you can leave before further charges become due.
car park pay station booth Barbados
If you have any queries or difficulties, there is also a manned payment booth beside the departure terminal, as well as intercoms located at each exit and entrance to the car park. The booth is open from before the first departing flight in the morning, and an hour after the last flight arrives.

Of benefit to both rental car companies, tourists and residents alike, the airport parking facilities have 24-hour security which greatly eliminates the risk of theft and/or damage to your vehicle, whether a hire car or your own personal transportation.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Someone

With a multitude of international flights arriving and departing from it each day, GAIA can be a busy airport. Even if you are just dropping off someone for their flight or collecting them, it is advisable to leave your vehicle in the airport lot. However, there is a small time frame to pick up and drop off on the parking and drop area isles.

Disabled Parking Available

You can find disabled parking spaces on each aisle of the parking area at GAIA, making it easily accessible and walking distance to your departure airline booth.

Alternatives to Airport Parking

If you find negotiating airport parking stressful and expensive on your trip to the island, here are some other options available to you:

King George Memorial Park

  • A 10 minutes’ drive from the airport, is a refreshing alternative. There is free parking for visitors, so if you’re quite early for your departure it’s a beautiful spot to relax before your flight.
  • Location: Jezreel, Work Hall,
  • Positioned in St. Philip Parish, 1.9 miles north of Diamond Valley
  • Co-ordinates: Latitude: 13°7’50.5″ Longitude: -59°27’11.99″

Hotels near BGI Airport

Sometimes it’s found that staying in a hotel near the airport removes a lot of hassle from a holiday, particularly if you have an early flight the following day. It can take away those stressful rushes to the airport to make your flight on time.

You’ll be happy to discover hotels give great deals on a one night stay that includes free parking for your vehicle at the hotel, cutting down your costs.

There are several hotels located only a couple of miles from the airport, all with their own free parking:

  • Peach and Quiet Hotel – Inch Marlow.1.7 miles from GAIA
  • Ocean Spray Beach Apartments – Surfer’s Point, Inch Marlow. 1.7 miles from GAIA
  • Silver Point Hotel – Silver Sands Beach, Silver Sands. 2 miles from GAIA
  • The Crane Residential Resort – Crane Beach, St. Philip 3.9 miles from GAIA

Car Rental Services from Grantley Adams Bridgetown Airport

Famous and preferred car hire companies includes:

  • Courtesy Rent-A-Car – Tel. #:418-2500
  • Stoute’s Car Rental – Tel. #:420-2926 or 418-0805
  • Drive-A-Matic – Tel. #:422-3000

Fuel Up Your Car

Whether you’re filling up before setting out to explore the island or refilling your hire car before returning it, there is an ESSO – Sol Gas station situated just next to the airport.

Restaurants Inside & Outside The Airport

In Bridgetown Airport itself you can find a branch of the popular Barbados restaurant Chefette before security, which should take care of any pre- or post-flight hunger. The restaurant telephone number is 418-8770 or 418-8771.

Other options are a few steps away from the airport parking facility or you can park just before you decide to drive into the car park to PUG’s. It’s just across the street from the airport parking.

Or sit, relax and have a refreshing ice cold beer, while waiting for your flight departure

Whether you’re quickly passing through the airport for your rental car pick up and heading off on your Barbados trip, or gradually easing yourself into your island holiday, you’ll find the facilities at Grantley Adams Airport and its surroundings suit all types.

Just like considering the costs of airport parking, when deciding on renting a car for your trip it’s important to consider your options. Rental companies based at GAIA are on average 10-30% higher thanlocal firms due largely to the high costs of operating out of the airport.

Choosing to rent with a local, family-owned business has a huge number of benefits, not just in terms of lower costs for your time in Barbados.
For Affordable Car Rental Rates
At Grantley Adams Airport

More Miles Of Roads Than You Will Ever Guess

Of course, you should rent a car whilst you are holidaying in Barbados. It’s easy and there is no difference between hiring a motor vehicle in Barbados, compared to any other place that you may choose to holiday. The advantages of having a rental vehicle at your disposal whilst on holiday in this Caribbean paradise far outweigh the disadvantages. Barbados may be considered a small island, but it does have over 1475 km of paved roadways to explore. Now that is quite impressive for an island that is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide.
seascape to Barbados beach from a hill
Mind you, you can cram an awful lot into such a small area, so you would be mistaken for thinking that Barbados was all about the sea and sandy beaches. Many who come to Barbados for the first time totally underestimate what the island has to offer and often they can’t wait to come back again to explore further. So, the question is, should you opt for a car hirer when you come to Barbados, or just stick to taxis and buses?

Are You An Explorer Or A  Beachcomber?

Well, the answer really depends on why you are on the island and what you intend to do when here. If you are here on business you may need to attend meetings at specific times, and if you are on holiday, you may not want to spend all your time at your hotel or lying on the beach. If you like exploring, then a rental car is a must. And of course, that needn’t break the bank, which is just perfect for getting out and about in.

Hiring A Car Are Your Wheels To Freedom:

  • You can discover all the beautiful hidden nooks and crannies of Barbados. Swim in the calm blue waters on the West Coast in the morning or surf the Eastern shoreline, then go for a leisurely decadent lunch at one of the many cosmopolitan restaurants. The perfect road to holiday happiness is to hire a moke and let the wind blow your hectic day-to-day life away.
  • Come and go, as and when you please. There is no waiting around for an overcrowded bus that you have no idea when it may make an appearance, or even if it is going where you want to go. The alternative is to be plugged into the bus timetable website via your smart phone, as the bus stops do not have signs at all. Do you really want to carry your mobile around with you?
  • Hiring a taxi can be an expensive exercise if you need one every time you wish to go somewhere. If you choose to jump on a “route taxi”, you will be assured of a very “up close and personal” experience with your fellow travelers, as someone’s lap is often your seat.
  • Your holiday is truly yours to plan out each day with flexibility and no time constraints, other than the ones you make on yourself.
  • Unlike most countries there are no drink driving laws, so you can in fact have more than that “one” glass of wine. Of course, individual discretion and personal safety must come into play on this issue, as you don’t want to end up as a tourist road statistic.

For The Rental Vehicle Doubter:

  • Maybe the drama is collecting a hired vehicle at the airport on arrival when you are tired. You can avoid this by having the car delivered to your hotel.
  • If it is the Barbados driver’s permit, there is no problem, as any registered car hire company is able to take care of this prior to your arrival.
  • Driving British style, with the steering on the right hand side of the car, is of no concern for those that are used to this. For those “left-hand drivers” or any prophets of doom, lease a small sized car. It will be easier to navigate any narrow winding roads and a breeze to park anywhere. But, do forget about having that extra drink.
  • If getting lost is your main concern or for those with no sense of direction whatsoever, get a hired car with GPS. The maps of the island are good for the main roads, but there is no real detail of the other roads you may wish to explore.  Or simply enjoy the ride and just go wandering. Getting lost can be half the fun when time has no constraints. You can’t get too lost, or if you are totally scrambled, you can either have a friendly chat to a local or call the hire car company for directions.
  • Or are you concerned about your child in the car? If so, that is no problem at all, as child car seats are available.

Whether it is a “short term” or a “long term”, leasing a vehicle in Barbados gives your holiday the flexibility to match yourvacation spirit. You will have four wheels of freedom by having a rental car to go where your fancy may take you, stress free and carefree, and it is the ultimate way to experience all that Barbados has to offer you.

The big car rental boys play at the Grantley Adams Airport, therefore, their overheads are reflected in their hiring prices. If you choose to go local, with local knowledge and reliable backup if required, compare our prices for car rental, whatever your needs are. We are a family run operation, reliable and affordable.
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