Driving Around Barbados Coastlines

When Visiting Barbados, there are so many things to see along the island that a plan will come in handy to any tourist.Especially if you arrange to hire a car, there are itineraries you can use for a three-day, five-day vacation, in order to cover as much as Barbados has to offer. Read about the driving itinerary, distances and times, and learn more about the top places to visit on the route.

Island Itinerary and Driving Distances

Bridgetown to Batts Rock Bay – 7 km (15 mins)

Bridgetown to Batts Rock takes you along the suburban part of the spring Garden highway. The flour mill, Bridgetown Harbor on one side, reminds you that there was the harbormaster.  Here is where the Speightstown Schooner ran through lower parts of St Michael.

bridgetown harbor

Bridgetown old harbor

Batts Rock Bay to Speightstown – 14 km (25 mins)

Be ready to be amazed by Speightstown, as it has a fascinating combination of old and new buildings. Its architecture brings back the colonial atmosphere. Apart from the history, here you find various restaurants and vendors on the sidewalk.

Speightstown to Archers Bay – 10 km (18 mins)

Now, this is from one town to another. Speightstown to Archers bay takes you through the main area of St Peter, Arawak Cement Plant along Port St Charles, Port Ferdinand on either side of the road, Six Men’s bay, Half Moon fort, Archers Bay. Stunning blue Atlantic on the side of the road, it is no doubt a very peaceful area, and the cliff tops offer you some excellent walking tracks with spectacular ocean views which you can immerse your being in awe.

car hire barbados

Hire a car for a three-day itinerary in Barbados

Archers Bay to River Bay – 7 km (15 mins)

River Bay is a good stop for a picnic. From the River Bay, you will have a spectacular view on the northern coastline with waves and cliffs. If you are lucky enough, you can even see whales enjoying the water, as a river runs into the sea. As you’re in the area, you can visit the Animal Flower Cave and take pictures at The Spout.

River Bay to Cove Bay – 10 km (18 mins)

A place hard to reach – as you must drive through cows, sheep, and goats – but the result is very satisfying: a silent place, full of coconut trees. And if you went that far, take a moment to admire and bathe in the natural pools at Little Bay.

carribean coast barbados

Beach on the Carribean coast in Barbados

Cove Bay to Morgan Lewis Beach  – 5 km (13 mins)

A large beach with white sand, Morgan Lewis is perfect for collecting memories: tropical seashells and driftwood. We recommend you stop by the Morgan Lewis Mill and Cherry Tree Hill.

Morgan Lewis Beach to Cattlewash – 10 km (16 mins)

A perfect spot to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean’s breeze, Cattlewash beach is ideal for a long walk. If you have enough time, you can walk to Morgan Lewis Beach or Bathsheba. If not, at least stop for a local lunch in the area.

flora in barbados

Vegetation and clear water on the beach in Barbados

Cattlewash to Bathsheba – 2 km (5 mins)

If you believe in miracles, Bathsheba will be your favourite place in Barbados, as it is thought the white waters of this beach are rich in minerals and have the same effect as the milk. Bathsheba – King David’s wife – bathed in for her skin care.

Behind the white sand and rock formations, you will find a small village of fishermen.

surf in bathsheba barbados

Surfer in Bathsheba waters

Bathsheba to Martins Bay – 6 km (15 mins)

Besides the tranquil environment and the spectacular view of the rocks, Martins Bay is an ideal spot for eating local cuisine on the picnic tables facing the bay.

The local fishermen are the best at fishing lobster, as the rocks are an ideal environment for that. Here is the place to make sure you eat fresh lobster.

martins beach barbados

Martins beach

Martins Bay to Conset Bay – 8 km (16 mins)

The main activity you can do in Conset Bay as a visitor is to admire the fishermen doing their work in the sheltered bay. It is also a safe place to swim, but don’t go too far.

Conset Bay to Bottom Bay – 9 km (20 mins)

This semi-closed bay offers a spectacular view thanks to the high coral cliffs. From here, you can see almost the entire south shore while the palm trees make the perfect shadow for you.

Recently, Bottom Bay started to become popular for Barbadians, many of them started building houses along the cliffs.

turtles and whales in the ocean

As the inhabitants declared, from here you can spot turtles and whales in the water.

Bottom Bay to Harrismith – 2 km (5 mins)

Not so popular as Bottom Bay, Harrismith hides a true natural wonder. Here, you will find an unsound lagoon insulated by the reef. You can take a bath there, and then go visit the ruins of an old plantation house. It is safe to inspect it on the outside.

Harrismith to Crane Beach – 5 km (10 mins)

Formerly a harbour, Crane beach is considered one of the best beaches Barbados can offer and it is, in fact on the list of top ten beaches in the world. This beach is the perfect place for boogie boarding if you are into that sport or you just want to try it.

tropical barbados

Tropical view of Barbados

Crane Beach to Oistins – 15 km (25 mins)

Another place to admire the local fishing boats is Oistins. Right next to Oistins is Miami beach, an important place for history. There is the place where Royalists and Roundheads fought in 1639.  

Oistins to St. Lawrence Gap – 5 km (10 mins)

Finish your road trip with St. Lawrence Gap, a memorable place for restaurants and its nightlife. If you have enough time, you can go shopping in “The Gap” as it is usually known. This place will delight you with a mixture of cultures and it is a place you should not miss on your visit to Barbados.

sky of barbados

Take a sunbath on the beach in Barbados!

Use a handy GPS

Check if your car rental company offers or includes GPS units in their vehicles. Barbados has an excellent system in place that will be very useful especially if it’s your first visit to the island. And there you can find all the attractions on the island. 

gps from car hire company

Maps are available from car rental companies, hotels, and many locations across the island.

Finish Line

Barbados has something to offer for everybody, no matter if you come here for parties, the beaches, or its interesting history.

Hire a car fit for your family and friends and start exploring!