Economy car rentals Barbados

The most commonly hired car model in Barbados

Economy Hatchback Car Rentals

Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai i10, or similar

Rental Car type Features:

Economy Hatchback

Driver Requirements Minimum Age 21 / Full driver’s license held for 24 Months

Rental car Bonus

  • Unlimited Mileage – explore Barbados without a worry
  • Barbados Airport parking fee included
  • Deliver the vehicles to any local address or meet arriving clients at Barbados Airport
  • Barbados Driver’s Permit on arrival
  • Delivered with a 1/4 full tank of fuel – on delivery location

Some car rental agencies charge additional fees for other services (example GPS, infant car seats, etc.)

Please Note: Images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Specific rental car models may vary in availability and features such as passenger seating, luggage capacity, mileage and equipment.


Economy cars are the smallest of all vehicles groups that can accommodate up to four passengers.

Affordable rental car prices and high fuel savings make them great for city driving. In addition, their size makes them simple to manoeuvre through traffic and nimbly your way through the more minor country roads.

It is an excellent option for anyone taking a long road trip or wanting to maximize their savings while travelling. In addition, it is excellent for finding an accessible parking spot!

Compact sedan car
Economy Hatchback

What is the difference between a compact sedan and an economy car rental?

You’ll notice a few differences when comparing rental economy cars and compact cars.

First, economy vehicles are usually smaller, while compact vehicles are slightly larger sedans, both models being four doors.

Second, gas mileage and savings are similar, but compact models may have more trunk space. And legroom at the back seating. 

At Drive Barbados, we understand that low-cost car rental is a priority. That’s why our rental cars are both cost-effective and fuel-efficient, saving you cash while still delivering our exacting quality assurance. 

Why rent an economy rental car from Drive Barbados rent a car?

Economy rental cars like Chevrolet spark, Toyota Vitz/Yaris or a Hyundai i10 are fun to drive and perfect for getting around the countryside sloping narrow road trails.

An excellent choice for an adventure-filled island holiday!

And big enough for four, these small cars are effortless to park on the roadside while you enjoy the relaxing and breath-taking Atlantic Ocean views.

This city vehicle is perfect for business travelers who needs a small vehicle to get themselves and their colleagues to and from your business meetings or sales calls.

Rental car Benefits

Are perfect for couples, newlyweds and small groups. Who doesn’t need a considerable amount of room and are looking to save some serious money on vehicle costs?

is reliable for driving in crowded, downtown areas with heavy traffic and tight spaces.

Incredible gas mileage (miles per gallon) and economical save money on fuel.

small cars that will get you where you need to go and with enough space inside and easy-to-use controls

  • Meet the Minimum Age 21 years and need a driving experience of at least two years to rent a car and that some car rental companies required five years. If you are over 70, you will require a medical certificate that shows you are fit to drive.
  • With a valid driver’s license from your country of origin, you can obtain a mandatory visitor’s permit to drive and hiring a car in Barbados. Two-month permit fees range from 10 BBD (5 USD) to 100 BBD (50 USD) for a one-year permit. These permits are available at most rental agencies throughout the island.
  • The letter P designates accessible parking areas within town limits. On most roads, you’re free to park outside of city limits. Make sure to always use a well-lit area for safety.
  • Suppose you’re renting a car in Barbados. In that case, it’s best to avoid rush-hour traffic on the island heading towards Bridgetown between 6:30 am and 8:30 am and out of Bridgetown between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm weekdays. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re on the road or have appointments to keep.
  • Speed limits to observe are 40 km/h in the city and 60 km/h in rural areas and 80 km/h on highways. Pay attention to the speed limit signs. They post at various points along all minor and major roads.
  • Apart from ABC Highway, most roads in Barbados consist of one lane in either direction. Most country roads are poorly lit, so be careful when driving at night. Despite its small size, is not unusual to find oneself lost when driving on an island. For first-time visitors, it is, especially true. So renting a GPS is a good investment or having some data on your mobile phone using the Google Maps app.
  • Consider taking a taxi for Barbados rental car locations outside the airport as prices usually include a kiosk fee.

FAQs about economy car rentals barbados

Rental cars in Barbados are simple. Many rental agencies offer unlimited miles, free delivery and collection, and other helpful information such as maps of road routes and seats for kids.

Renting a car at Barbados airport is cheaper because there are no special interest fees from an auto hire company. In addition, you don’t have to pay any additional fees from Drive Barbados, like airport taxes, parked fees. When you are dropping off your vehicle or getting picked up when you arrive at the airport.

The economy vehicle is the most commonly hired automobile model in Barbados. The standard choice is the Hyundai I10 and follows closely with the Kia Picanto and Chevrolet Spark (US$ 90 per day) 

To find the best deal for a car:

  • Booking ahead to ensure you get the best offer
  • Consider negotiating for lower rates with the car rental company. 
  • Ensure you are renting from a reputable car rental company.
  • Compare prices between car rental companies that have the hire car you want

So, if you’re looking for the best economy car rental deals in Barbados, Drive Barbados rent a car are here to help.

Barbados is a fascinating country. The island is small enough to get to from any place quickly. Having car rentals in Bridgetown also helps one explore areas on your schedule and check out those attractions that public transportation cannot reach.

No. However, we deliver your rental car at Grantley Adams if you request. We will meet you at the arrival hall exit and walk with you to your hire car at the car lot and arrange the rental process, and off you go.

To lease an economy car in Barbados vary from $1150 / month to $ 90 / day in Barbados. But, of course, the cost of discount car rental rates will vary based on your travel dates, drop-off and pickup location, and the type of vehicle you need.

Map of Car rental locations

Most popular car rental locations in barbados we serve

We offer car rental service in the following areas

  • Capital City Bridgetown car rentals
  • St Lawrence Gap car rentals
  • Oistins car rentals
  • Speightstown car rentals
  • Hastings car rentals
  • Worthing car rentals
  • Bridgetown Grantley Adams Airport car rentals
  • Holetown car rentals

Car rental locations near
Barbados airport, we serve

The Villages At Coverley, Christ Church

The Villages At Coverley, Christ Church

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