How Much Does A One Way Car Rental Cost In Barbados?

One way car rental prices in Barbados vary depending on the car hire company you choose, the location where you drop off your vehicle, and whether you sign beforehand a one-way auto rental agreement. Although Barbados is not a large island, measuring 34 kilometers in length and up to 23 kilometers in width, one way car rentals can be extra work for car renting services, which have to pick up the car from where you drop it off and bring it back to their pick up location.
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This is why you can expect some companies to charge you between 30 to 50 US dollars for a one way car rental in Barbados, which is sometimes included in the reservation quote. However, not all rental car companies charge this fee.

When One Way Car Rentals Are Useful

  • An emergency arises and you have to leave the island quickly.
  • When departing, you have extra luggage that doesn’t fit into the car and so you choose to take a taxi to the airport.
  • You extend your stay on the island beyond the duration of the car leasing agreement.
  • You change your hotel or villa, settling in a different part of the island where you no longer need a car.
  • On arrival, picking up your car from the Bridgetown seaport and decided to drop it off at Grantley Adams airport when leaving the island.

Rental Base Rate & Drop Off Fee

Generally, there are two things that influence the price of a one way car rental: the rental base rate, and any drop off fee the car hire provider may charge. Some companies may have both a high base line and a drop off fee, charging you US $50 or even more. Large companies operating near the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados are more likely to charge high drop charges, as they usually expect the cars they hire to be brought back to the pick-up location. Smaller companies, on the other hand, may have either a US $30 – US $50 flat drop off fee, or no fee at all.

Renting A Car From Drive Barbados Without A One Way Fee

Because Barbados is a small island, you can avoid paying a one way car rental cost. At Drive Barbados, a family-operated car hire company, we want to make our drivers’ rental experience as enjoyable as possible, which is why we do not charge one way vehicle rental rates. If you are looking for affordable one way car hire in Barbados, we would be more than delighted to help you.
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