How Much Does Airport Parking Cost In Barbados?

The airport in Barbados, the Grantley Adams Airport, has been well designed and thought out, certainly allowing for plenty of airport parking. With the need for many Barbadian or Bajan residents to travel abroad, convenient parking at BGI Airport is a must.
rental cars park at Grantley Adams International Airport Barbados
However a good number of tourists and holidaymakers also use the airport for short flights to neighbouring islands, and therefore there is a substantial need for hire car parking.

The layout of the parking facilities at Barbados airport is such that the first five sections are specifically reserved for hire vehicle companies which have offices at the airport itself.

Rental cars from private companies not based at the airport you can park in any area.

(All cost is in $US)

Airport Parking Fee in Barbados

Last year 2017, the airport handled over 2.1 million passengers on over 32,000 flights to and from the island according to the airport’s website-Summary of Traffic 2017

Parking cost at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) effective December 1, 2018:

Duration Cost
30 minutes or part of $1
More than 30 minutes, but less than 1 hour $1.50 per hour
6 hours, but less than 24 hours $9 fixed price
24 hours $12 per day

The penalty for the loss or damaged airport parking cards is as follows:

Duration Cost
Within 24 hours $24.50 ($12.50 penalty + $12 parking fee)
More than 24 hours $24.50 + accumulate parking fees

GAIA airport car park pay station booth – Tel# 4184242 ext. 146.

pay on foot car park pay station in Barbados
At both the departures and the arrivals areas there are automatic pay machines, which accept coins or notes up to BSD$20 (local currency).

There is a 15 minute grace period after payment is made on your card within which you can leave before further charges become due.
car park pay station booth Barbados
If you have any queries or difficulties, there is also a manned payment booth beside the departure terminal, as well as intercoms located at each exit and entrance to the car park. The booth is open from before the first departing flight in the morning, and an hour after the last flight arrives.

Of benefit to both rental car companies, tourists and residents alike, the airport parking facilities have 24-hour security which greatly eliminates the risk of theft and/or damage to your vehicle, whether a hire car or your own personal transportation.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Someone

With a multitude of international flights arriving and departing from it each day, GAIA can be a busy airport. Even if you are just dropping off someone for their flight or collecting them, it is advisable to leave your vehicle in the airport lot. However, there is a small time frame to pick up and drop off on the parking and drop area isles.

Disabled Parking Available

You can find disabled parking spaces on each aisle of the parking area at GAIA, making it easily accessible and walking distance to your departure airline booth.

Alternatives to Airport Parking

If you find negotiating airport parking stressful and expensive on your trip to the island, here are some other options available to you:

King George Memorial Park

  • A 10 minutes’ drive from the airport, is a refreshing alternative. There is free parking for visitors, so if you’re quite early for your departure it’s a beautiful spot to relax before your flight.
  • Location: Jezreel, Work Hall,
  • Positioned in St. Philip Parish, 1.9 miles north of Diamond Valley
  • Co-ordinates: Latitude: 13°7’50.5″ Longitude: -59°27’11.99″

Hotels near BGI Airport

Sometimes it’s found that staying in a hotel near the airport removes a lot of hassle from a holiday, particularly if you have an early flight the following day. It can take away those stressful rushes to the airport to make your flight on time.

You’ll be happy to discover hotels give great deals on a one night stay that includes free parking for your vehicle at the hotel, cutting down your costs.

There are several hotels located only a couple of miles from the airport, all with their own free parking:

  • Peach and Quiet Hotel – Inch Marlow.1.7 miles from GAIA
  • Ocean Spray Beach Apartments – Surfer’s Point, Inch Marlow. 1.7 miles from GAIA
  • Silver Point Hotel – Silver Sands Beach, Silver Sands. 2 miles from GAIA
  • The Crane Residential Resort – Crane Beach, St. Philip 3.9 miles from GAIA

Car Rental Services from Grantley Adams Bridgetown Airport

Famous and preferred car hire companies includes:

  • Courtesy Rent-A-Car – Tel. #:418-2500
  • Stoute’s Car Rental – Tel. #:420-2926 or 418-0805
  • Drive-A-Matic – Tel. #:422-3000

Fuel Up Your Car

Whether you’re filling up before setting out to explore the island or refilling your hire car before returning it, there is an ESSO – Sol Gas station situated just next to the airport.

Restaurants Inside & Outside The Airport

In Bridgetown Airport itself you can find a branch of the popular Barbados restaurant Chefette before security, which should take care of any pre- or post-flight hunger. The restaurant telephone number is 418-8770 or 418-8771.

Other options are a few steps away from the airport parking facility or you can park just before you decide to drive into the car park to PUG’s. It’s just across the street from the airport parking.

Or sit, relax and have a refreshing ice cold beer, while waiting for your flight departure

Whether you’re quickly passing through the airport for your rental car pick up and heading off on your Barbados trip, or gradually easing yourself into your island holiday, you’ll find the facilities at Grantley Adams Airport and its surroundings suit all types.

Just like considering the costs of airport parking, when deciding on renting a car for your trip it’s important to consider your options. Rental companies based at GAIA are on average 10-30% higher thanlocal firms due largely to the high costs of operating out of the airport.

Choosing to rent with a local, family-owned business has a huge number of benefits, not just in terms of lower costs for your time in Barbados.
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