How To Book A Rental Car In Barbados That’s Right For You

So you’re going on aholiday to Barbados? Congratulations! It’s a beautiful country with a lot to see, and often the best way to explore this Caribbean paradise is by car. Hiring your own rental vehicle for your stay in Barbados is a great idea, but there are lots of different approaches to reserving a hire car. So, how do you book the right transportation for you in Barbados?
A man with a mobile in his hand choosing the right rental car company in Barbados
Whether you make a reservation ahead of time or you take your chances and book a car when you get to Barbados, there are benefits and drawbacks to each option. The right choice for you will depend on your circumstances.

Reserving Your Rental Car Ahead Of Time

Online Travel Agents

There are many online options for reserving rental cars in Barbados, just like anywhere in the world. Global websites which act as online travel agents, such as Travelocity, Orbitz, or Expedia, often have great deals and make it easy to compare options from lots of brands. Be aware though – these big websites don’t always display every hire company, often using affiliate links to generate income from indirect referrals.

Booking Directly Through A Leasing Company

You can use an online travel agent to get an idea of which company has the best prices, and then head to that company’s own website to reserve through them. Instead of booking through their reservation form, email them directly and ask for any specials and deals that may be available to you.

Booking Directly With Local Companies

To find the smaller, local hire car companies, look beyond the first couple of pages of search results. Here is where you’ll find non-branded companies who can give you first hand advice and often better hire car deals when booking directly through them.

Opaque Sites

The other online option is to use an opaque site. These sites like Priceline or Hotwire work by selling you heavily discounted pre-paid hire car reservations, but they’re non-refundable as to their individual terms and conditions policy. You won’t find out the name of the leasing company until you receive your confirmation voucher. Some companies like, there are no refund for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the booking rental begin date. This is a good option for people on a budget or looking for a good deal, but if you need any kind of flexibility, this is not for you!

Selecting A Car Class

When it comes to secure a car online, most sites will give you the option to select the size or make and model of vehicle that you prefer. The smaller the car, the cheaper the price. There are two strategies for getting the best deal and hiring the most suitable motor vehicle for you.

Choose The Car You Need.

This is the first option and the safest for making sure you get the car with the correct amount of space, seats, and doors for your requirements. If you’re traveling with a big family or really value comfort, it is best to book the exact transportation you want. However, if you’re after the biggest bargain:

  • Book The Smallest Car And Hope They Run Out: Most people book the smallest hatchback because they are cheapest, and when the rental companies run out of compact sedans they upgrade other customers who have booked small cars. This is risky, as they might have the said one which you reserved and you’ll end up driving around with your luggage crammed at your feet, but if luck is in your favor then you’ll get a bigger motorcar and a free upgrade!

Hiring A Rental Car When You Get To Barbados

Red Caps Or Taxi Drivers

If you don’t mind the uncertainty of leaving the hiring process until you arrive in Barbados, you can pick up a great bargain once you’re on the ground. When you arrive in the airport there are men in red caps who will carry your luggage for you. These guys can give you some insider advice on where to hire a car directly from a local company as opposed to one of the international ones.

Ask A Local

In case your Red Cap man doesn’t have any good options for you, ask a barman or receptionist at your hotel. Word of mouth goes a long way in Barbados. Alternatively, you can go directly to the offices of auto rental companies and see what, last-minute offer they can give you face to face. You can even look in the Barbados telephone directory to find local hire companies. Just search under ‘automobile renting and leasing’.

Hiring a rental car in Barbados is a fabulous way to explore the island nation. Whether you like to be organized ahead of time and book online, or prefer to wait until you touch down to arrange a great local deal, there are options available. Our family business can help you with our local knowledge to reserve the suitable hire vehicle for you.

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