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Worthing is an amazing tropical beach location, situated on the south coast of Barbados. This beautiful white sandy beach offers a multitude of delights for all sea lovers! Just off-shore, within safe swimming distance, there’s an interesting coral reef to discover, filled with tropical fish.
Worthing main road in Barbados
Driving your rented car through Worthing will give you a freedom feeling that cannot be compared to any other holiday: the Caribbean breeze through your hair, the tropical sun and the calm waters make it especially great for families and nature lovers. This expanse of beach-area has something exciting to offer for everyone!

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Reserving your car with our easy to use online car hire booking is easy. Once you provide your basic details and choice of car rental type, we’ll provide you with an affordable car hire quote within 24 hrs. You can choose from Moke, Jeep, Mini Vans, Sedan & Hatchbacks cars to rent in Worthing Barbados.

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Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. Bridgetown is the capital. Around the island are beaches, botanical gardens, the Harrison's Cave formation, and many other tourist attractions.

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