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Child Safety Car Seat Rental

Make traveling with kids hassle free. Check out the selection of baby seats and child seats available. Holidays are the finer things in life, and so is your family’s safety.Our child safety seats meet the highest safety standards. They are cost effective, cater to a range of different heights and ages for babies, toddlers and children, and they’re durable and can be carried anywhere you want!

Child Safety Seats Features

Baby Car Seats (1 – 9 Months)


  • Parent friendly and ergonomic
  • Easy to carry and handle
  • Detachable stay-in car base for easy transfer child carrier
  • Added security from five point harness
  • Better fit provided through two crotch buckle positions and three shoulder harness positions.

Baby Seats For Infants (9 Months to 4 Years)


  • Compact to allow for great fit
  • Secure fit from five point harness system
  • Four shoulder strap positions that allow for different child heights

Child Seats For Children (4 – 11 Years)


  • Good shoulder and lap belt fits for any typical 4 – 8 year olds toddlers
  • Suitable for any car type, SUV, or minivan
  • Perfect fit elastic cup holders
  • Correct car belt positing through belt clip facilities


Drive Barbados employees are not allowed to install rented child safety seats into cars for customers. We can offer some level of assistance when required.

Car safety laws and regulations in Barbados hold drivers responsible for ensuring the safety of all their passengers by mandating they comply with all applicable child restraint and seat belt safety laws. We adhere to the highest safety standards.

Please note that child car seats are offered exclusively to our customers.

Contact us with any questions or concerns, or simply get a vehicle rental quote online!

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