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Safety Tips

Barbados is a safe place to drive around in, but still, just like any country on earth, there are forces of nature you have to protect yourself against.

Safety Tips When Driving In Barbados

Here are some of the safety tips you must consider while driving a car in Barbados:

  • Plan Your Trip – Before getting into your car, be sure you know where you are headed and the route to your destination. Even when you just want to sight see around town or wish to discover new places in the new locale, you should gather some intelligence using maps and from the locals to understand the area and have an idea on the terrain, directions and the people
  • Crime Areas – Stay away from known crime areas. In most countries and cities, information on areas you should not go to is readily available from the police or your travel contacts. If you must ask for directions, use your common sense and be thoughtful as to who the advice comes from. Don’t get yourself in avoidable bad situations by maintaining contact with Drive Barbados or your travel agent.

Emergency Numbers Of Barbados

in case of emergencies call

  • – Police 211,
  • – Ambulance 511, and
  • – Fire Service 311.

Lights on emergency vehicles are blue and red; do not be fooled to stopping by white flashing lights stopping.

  • Keep Your Valuables Safe – Keep you valuable locked in the glove compartment and not somewhere straying eyes will notice.

Do not:

  • – Leave your car windows or doors opened, keep them locked while unattended
  • – Carrying large amounts of cash
  • – Give lift to anyone including hitchhikers
  • Don’t Leave Car Unattended – Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are out of the car. After parking your car, make sure it is locked before walking away and check the interiors, including the back seat, before unlocking the doors. To minimize chances of being attacked, it is wise to have your keys ready at hand when approaching the vehicle.
  • Defensive Driving – Be a defensive driver. Stay safe on the road by being alert about the wrong driving moves by other drivers.
  • Stay Alert While Driving – Maintain distance from other vehicles while driving. It is strongly advised not to use mobile phones.

Following all these points are very important if you are going on the roads in Barbados. Getting acquainted with these tips will allow you to drive easily in the city without any trouble or fear. At Drive Barbados, we make you familiar with the safety tips, laws and other vital aspects of driving in Barbados to maketraveling safe and sound!

For A Safe & Convenient Driving Experience.


Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. Bridgetown is the capital. Around the island are beaches, botanical gardens, the Harrison's Cave formation, and many other tourist attractions.

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