Should You Hire A Car In Barbados?

More Miles Of Roads Than You Will Ever Guess

Of course, you should rent a car whilst you are holidaying in Barbados. It’s easy and there is no difference between hiring a motor vehicle in Barbados, compared to any other place that you may choose to holiday. The advantages of having a rental vehicle at your disposal whilst on holiday in this Caribbean paradise far outweigh the disadvantages. Barbados may be considered a small island, but it does have over 1475 km of paved roadways to explore. Now that is quite impressive for an island that is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide.
seascape to Barbados beach from a hill
Mind you, you can cram an awful lot into such a small area, so you would be mistaken for thinking that Barbados was all about the sea and sandy beaches. Many who come to Barbados for the first time totally underestimate what the island has to offer and often they can’t wait to come back again to explore further. So, the question is, should you opt for a car hirer when you come to Barbados, or just stick to taxis and buses?

Are You An Explorer Or A  Beachcomber?

Well, the answer really depends on why you are on the island and what you intend to do when here. If you are here on business you may need to attend meetings at specific times, and if you are on holiday, you may not want to spend all your time at your hotel or lying on the beach. If you like exploring, then a rental car is a must. And of course, that needn’t break the bank, which is just perfect for getting out and about in.

Hiring A Car Are Your Wheels To Freedom:

  • You can discover all the beautiful hidden nooks and crannies of Barbados. Swim in the calm blue waters on the West Coast in the morning or surf the Eastern shoreline, then go for a leisurely decadent lunch at one of the many cosmopolitan restaurants. The perfect road to holiday happiness is to hire a moke and let the wind blow your hectic day-to-day life away.
  • Come and go, as and when you please. There is no waiting around for an overcrowded bus that you have no idea when it may make an appearance, or even if it is going where you want to go. The alternative is to be plugged into the bus timetable website via your smart phone, as the bus stops do not have signs at all. Do you really want to carry your mobile around with you?
  • Hiring a taxi can be an expensive exercise if you need one every time you wish to go somewhere. If you choose to jump on a “route taxi”, you will be assured of a very “up close and personal” experience with your fellow travelers, as someone’s lap is often your seat.
  • Your holiday is truly yours to plan out each day with flexibility and no time constraints, other than the ones you make on yourself.
  • Unlike most countries there are no drink driving laws, so you can in fact have more than that “one” glass of wine. Of course, individual discretion and personal safety must come into play on this issue, as you don’t want to end up as a tourist road statistic.

For The Rental Vehicle Doubter:

  • Maybe the drama is collecting a hired vehicle at the airport on arrival when you are tired. You can avoid this by having the car delivered to your hotel.
  • If it is the Barbados driver’s permit, there is no problem, as any registered car hire company is able to take care of this prior to your arrival.
  • Driving British style, with the steering on the right hand side of the car, is of no concern for those that are used to this. For those “left-hand drivers” or any prophets of doom, lease a small sized car. It will be easier to navigate any narrow winding roads and a breeze to park anywhere. But, do forget about having that extra drink.
  • If getting lost is your main concern or for those with no sense of direction whatsoever, get a hired car with GPS. The maps of the island are good for the main roads, but there is no real detail of the other roads you may wish to explore.  Or simply enjoy the ride and just go wandering. Getting lost can be half the fun when time has no constraints. You can’t get too lost, or if you are totally scrambled, you can either have a friendly chat to a local or call the hire car company for directions.
  • Or are you concerned about your child in the car? If so, that is no problem at all, as child car seats are available.

Whether it is a “short term” or a “long term”, leasing a vehicle in Barbados gives your holiday the flexibility to match yourvacation spirit. You will have four wheels of freedom by having a rental car to go where your fancy may take you, stress free and carefree, and it is the ultimate way to experience all that Barbados has to offer you.

The big car rental boys play at the Grantley Adams Airport, therefore, their overheads are reflected in their hiring prices. If you choose to go local, with local knowledge and reliable backup if required, compare our prices for car rental, whatever your needs are. We are a family run operation, reliable and affordable.
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