Shut Up And Drive Around Barbados in a Jimny Like Rihanna

The vibrant Caribbean island of Barbados is a secret gem for those lucky enough to have visited it. It is a 166 square mile island known for the Mount Gay Rum. Mount Gay is one of the world’s oldest and most admired fine rum brands first produced in 1703.

Barbados island is also the birthplace of Grammy Award winner Rihanna and its natural white sandy beaches and emerald-blue waves.

How great would it be to enjoy its laid-back local lifestyle and explore the island in a compact SUV like a Jimny soft top.

Rihanna Oprah Winfrey sitting in Suzuki Jimny soft top car Barbados

Back in August 2012, Rihanna and Oprah Winfrey was driving around the island (Barbados) in a rented blue open top Jimny. She showed the TV host where she grew up in Westbury New Road, St. Michael.

Are you ready for a superstar experience? Because you can drive around the island in the same vehicle that Rihanna loves: a Jimny soft top.

Have you seen Rihanna driving a convertible Jimny around a beautiful island singing ‘Shut Up and Drive?’

“Baby, you got the keys and shut up and drive!” – Line from Rihanna’s song ‘Shut Up and Drive’ that debuted in 2007.

Did you know that the Barbadian Princess was born in Barbados? Yes, Riri was born Robyn Fenty in 1998. When she was just 16 years old, her debut record Pun De Replay became a global hit and that is how she rose to fame.

Where is Rihanna Drive?

Rihanna at Rihanna Drive Barbados

In honor of the Grammy Award winner, Westbury Road St. Michael was renamed “Rihanna Drive“. The Caribbean Queen attended the village renaming ceremony in November 2017.

One Sandy Lane Rihanna Villa Barbados

Rihanna Drive is in St. Michael, a short distance from the Westbury Cemetery. You will not miss the huge sign with a picture of the beautiful @Rihanna.
The GPS coordinates of Rihanna Drive are: 13.108651, -59.622192

Rihanna is the ‘ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary ‘ of Barbados. Hon. Mia Mottley, the Prime Minister of Barbados, officially conferred her the title.

She is the Caribbean Queen, not just because it’s her home, but because of how much love she has for Barbados.

When does Rihanna come to Barbados

showgirl with colorful costume at a festival in Barbados

Riri comes to Barbados often. You cannot miss her alluring presence during these times:

  • She often joins her family and close friends to celebrate Christmas over the holidays.
  • Family and close friends’ funerals, celebrations like birthdays, weddings, or graduations.
  • As far as cultural events go, Riri, the Bajan bad gal, is a big sensation. She often attends Kadooment festival on the first Monday of August. This is a national cultural event celebrated at the end of the crop over.

Favourite Hotel to stay in Barbados

childhood home of famous singer Rihanna in Barbados

Want to sleep on the same bed that Ri has? Yes you can. Simply book her room at the Sandy Lane Hotel and Resorts in One Sandy Lane, Barbados. The hotel is situated on a beautiful beach with a great view on a beach with fascinating restaurants.

Rihanna’s favorite places to eat in Barbados

If you are wondering what Riri eats when she’s around, her favorite dish is curry chicken. When she visits, she likes to indulge in local sea food such as fish stew, fish cakes, and salt fish.

She has also revealed her two favorite restaurants to eat in the island:

  • Daphne’s Restaurant: Riri sees Daphne’s restaurant as a great place with an amazing sea view. She thinks it to be a great place for hopeless romantics.
  • Waterfront Café in Bridgetown: The cafe overlooks the historic Parliament Building. It also offers a great view of the Careenage. This is a very relaxed place offering live music performance.
  • Oistins street food: Riri recommends that you try the street food offered daily Oistins. This is a coastal town in the Christ Church parish.You will find food stalls everywhere offering a variety of local delicacies. The most popular are fried fish and BBQ on the grill.You will just need to select a fish and you will have it prepared as you wait. The selections include tuna, lobster, barracuda, mahi mahi, and swordfish, just to name a few.

Shopping in Barbados

Bridgetown is where Riri shops. Here you will find all kinds of handmade jewelry and trinkets sold by many independent shops.

Reb’l Fleur fragrance is on sale duty free at Cave Shepherd Broad Street in Bridgetown. Reb’l Fleur fragrance is a local pop sensation perfume line.

Things you may not know about Rihanna

  • She was a cadet at the Combermere School in Barbados.
  • While she was a cadet at Combermere, she was under the direction of Shontelle, who is also Grammy nominee.
  • She enjoys eating crunchy Cheetos while on tour.
  • When she is in Barbados, she likes to go to the beach and ride on jet skis and yachts.
  • Riri is a philanthropist who donates millions of dollars in support of her community.She donated cutting-edge equipment to state-run Queen Elizabeth Foundation through Clara Lionel Foundation. This is in memory of her grandmother Clara Gran Gran Dolly Braithwaite. Riri has also donated over $120,000 to learning institutions across the island.

Why a soft-top Jimny?

A Jimny may not be the most comfortable or the fastest car you can hire. Perhaps not even the most beautiful vehicle. Fortunately, in Barbados, it remains a true classic.

An open top jeep is the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to have a good time with the wind in their hair.

Nature enthusiasts, honeymooners, surfers, and couples on a date, all have a style in common.

Pop sensation Rihanna showed how much fun it can be to travel around the 17 by 14 mile island on a convertible Jimny in class.

Whatever plans you have for vacation this year, just be sure that you get the greatest bangs for your bucks. Book your ticket today, come and hire a soft-top Jimny to experience Barbados, Rihanna Style.

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