Barbados island is known as tropical paradise and great destination for your next holiday. But those who love culture and history won’t be disappointed because our island has interesting Ancestry and history as well. Briefly: Barbados was inhabited by Arawaks and Caribs at the time of European colonization of the Americas in the 16th century. The island was an English and later British colony from 1625 until 1966. Since 1966, it has been a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

two pieces of cannon next to the Barbados Museum

How Do You Step Back in Time in Barbados?

Simple. Go to our museums, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society at the Garrison and 400 meters away from that the George Washington Museum. Or you can go into the Bridgetown Mosque, Hindu Temple, meet the elders and learn about the many ethnic communities which had come to Barbados and now call it home.

Our island has a colorful and interesting mixture of great cultures such as Europeans, Syrians, Lebanese, Jews, Chinese, ethnic Muslims, ethnic Hindus, Africans from West Africa, Latin America, North America, South Asia ancestry, it also has people from Eastern Europe, from Spain, Italy, Greece and North Africa.

How Best to Dive Deeper in History?

By checking out the best preserved archives in the Caribbean with entries dating back to 1640. You may go to our Museum and learn through images, photographs and maps about the people who came to Barbados. Or you can visit some of our old urban communities such as King Street in the heart of Bridgetown as local merchants who came around 1910 and 1931 would love to talk about their journeys.

You can also learn more about history of Barbados from going to the plantations which were established in the 1640’s or better yet, you can go to our geriatric hospitals and home of the care of the older people and listen to some of our hundred. Yes, a hundred centenarians individuals who reached 100+ years. You can hear them talk about how they came into this world through plantation whites and West Africa blacks, or you may visit North East Barbados to the red legs.

The remnant of persons that came from the West Country of England and from Scotland, Ireland and Wales and who have formed their own community of red legs from whom the great singer Rihanna is descended.

Barbados island has something for everyone, and history lovers won’t be disappointed with what our island has to offer.

The best way to experience Barbados is throughdriving around our island, and our family operated car rental company can assist you with all your vehicle rental requirements so that you may easily go from museums to urban living spaces or to red leg villages.

As you travel around and you want further information on these and other topics about Barbados. We are here to answer all your questions, you can also contact historians:

  • Morris Greenidge at 4246830
  • Trevor Marshall at 4279494

Both of these are historians who will tell it like it is.

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