With your rental car let’s enter the Garrison Savannah and let us relive all of Britain’s wars. Now Barbados, herself was not captured or even attacked. Barbados was never attack by any of Britain enemies. But Barbados was a place where Britain let off her expeditions to capture and protect the rest of the Caribbean. Jamaica was captured from Barbados and South Carolina were settled from Barbados. St. Lucia, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and even Cuba were captured or attack from Barbados by the British.

shows view of the main tower Garrison Savannah Barbados

St. Ann’s Garrison

So what do you have here which reminds you of that? Here, you have intact the most efficient Garrison, St Ann’s Garrison. The longest establish in the British Caribbean. The one which would never attack by any enemy. It is a world heritage site. Welcome to Barbados’s Bridgetown Garrison area. St Ann’s Fort at the Garrison provides you with excellent examples of the Britain’s forts fortification in this region. The fort itself is intact.

st Anns fort historic Garrison Savannah Barbados

A Savannah

There is a Savannah, narrow race track which was a parade ground. There is a Museum to George Washington. Yes, the American pioneer George Washington came here as a 19 year old boy. Taking a tour of the Hilton Hotel which was a fort in itself, along with the military cemetery.
entrance to George Washington house museum

Our main museum, our first museum use to be a military prison and right around the Savannah there are all buildings in traditional and beautiful red bricks. All reflective of that British tradition of order and majesty and strength. You will also see other areas, such as the engineer pier, the old theatre for their soldiers and other instances of military hardware and military landmarks around the Savannah. One whole area of five square miles was dedicated to this military Garrison and the remnance are still there as you drive around your rental car Barbados.

soldiers brick barracks block A Garrison Barbados

soldiers brick barracks block B Garrison Barbados

Where ever you go in this small five square miles. That was the Garrison Savannah you will find yourself enraptured. Their guns going back in time of Oliver Cromwell. There is information about Barbados connection with America in the very many wars and also England.

We encourage you to take a trip to our UNESCO Historic Garrison area in one of our hire cars in Barbados, choose from a range of vehicles, so that you may at your own leisure explore the past of all of Britain’s wars.
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