The price you pay for renting a car should be transparent, but with so many car rental companies charging for hidden extras, it’s not so clear. Educating yourself on the top extra charges that Barbados vehicle hire companies charge, and how they can be avoided will be to your advantage.

a client with a contract of various extra expenses for renting a car in Barbados car rental company

The key to a happy transaction is to figure out what extra expenditure you are likely to come across, and how you can still have a great rental experience without paying for them. Leasing an automobile in Barbados will not be expensive if you are aware of the following extra cost:

  • Baby Child Seats: The simple thing would be to take your child seat with you if you’re going to hire out a motorcar. Companies love to rent out simple items such as baby seats and roof racks because of the positive return on investment.
  • Sat-nav: Nowadays our smart phones are so good that GPS equipment is not really required. You can download an app for a small fee, instead of the expensive sat-nav option at a vehicle leasing service.
  • Late Returns: Being charged extra for a late return can be annoying, but if that happens then you have nobody to blame but yourself. So keep track of the time and return the car within the time limit.
  • Book In Advance: You’ll get rewarded for being organized, so reserve as soon as you can to save money.
  • Extra Drivers Fee With Your Hire: One annoying added cost of having to pay more when there are additional drivers. This is really isn’t fair, and for that reason we have a special offer for the spouse who gets to drive the car free of cost.
  • Car Type Upgrade Options: Car rental companies in Barbados will try to throw upgrades in your face, but you have to ask yourself – do you really need that upgrade? If the answer is no then select the simpler model and save money by doing so.
  • Negotiate For A Better Car Rental Deal: In Barbados there are a few auto leasing companies to choose from; therefore companies will be trying hard to get your business. This gives you the power to negotiate to land a better bargain. You won’t know how much you can negotiate on the price until you try.
  • Hiring From An Airport Location: While it might be convenient to hire a vehicle at GAIA, it is not the smart thing to do. Airport companies are billed with a “concession fee” by the airport and that amount is passed down to you most of the time.
  • Fuel Rates: When you return the car ensure the gasoline is topped up. Otherwise, you’ll be charged with a “refueling fee” and a “convenience charge”, which is money that could be in your pocket.
  • Damages & Unnecessary Car Insurance: It’s important to inspect a car with care before you sign the auto-rental agreement. Take and save pictures for your safety, and to avoid any liability on return. Also check with your auto insurance provider to see if they cover your hire outside of your country. Alternatively, some credit cards offer insurance as well.

Branded Car Rental Companies VS Drive Barbados As A Suitable Alternative

As you can see from the list above, car hire companies in Barbados have a variety of ways to increase the size of the final price. Our family operated company will try to minimize the extra costs that our clients incur.

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