Barbados provides you with some of the best and most scenic and serene parts of a Caribbean island. It is not mountainous, so you can go around Barbados in one day in your hire car.

Starting from the airport in the southern coast of the island. You can go either through the east. Through scenic rugged St. Phillip, St. John along the train line. St. Joseph where Bathsheba provides wind surfing.

view of a Morgan Lewis Beach in Barbados

Up to St. Andrew through the east coast road and through St. Lucy. Where you can surf or you can go to your left and through western Bridgetown, St. Michael. St. James, the platinum coast. St. Peter where the old quake town of Speightstown greets you. As it is use to have a whale fishing industry. Also Speightstown sail boats going to Bridgetown and use to send people onto the Carolina and you end up at St. Lucy.

You come back down through the middle parishes, St. Thomas and St. George, Gun Hill Signal Station. St. Thomas with beautiful cave that goes back 4000 years, the Harrison Cave, and back down through Botanical Garden. Rolls and rolls of sugar cane fields.

Down to urban and suburban Bridgetown, the harbor and its industrializing area and you are back at base. All in about 4 to 6 hours through your Drive Barbados rented a car.
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