Reason to visit Barbados: Your choice of top 5 rental cars

You may have heard of the expression “horses for courses” and I suppose here we are talking about “horsepower for courses” when it comes to car hire in Barbados. The reason for your visit to this beautiful island could be anything from business to a holiday, a mixture of both, or even your honeymoon.

One thing is for certain and that is you will be needing transport while you are here to give you the freedom you deserve to sample everything that is on offer to you. So, the choice of car rental in Barbados likely depends very much on your reason for being here and also the numbers of you there are.

rental car Suzuki Jimny parked on a road in Barbados

Here are some handy pointers to help you choose the top 5 vehicles to rent in Barbados:

    • Hiring a Mini Moke: – This is a fun car and perfect if you arrive during the summer and love the feel of wind on your face. Take the top down and enjoy the fresh air, the wonderful scenery and let all your cares and worries get blown away. The moke is small and practical. It is always a popular favorite with honeymooners and doesn’t guzzle petrol! This is a no-frills car – but then what’s the point of having a radio you can’t hear, and there’s no air con because it doesn’t have doors and instead comes with its own fresh air, a whole island full of it!

convertible car for rent on a tour on the island of Barbados

  • The Economy Hatchback: – It is unlikely you are going to be spending your whole time in Barbados in the car, so practical and multi-purpose is the order of the day with a small hatchback, such as a Toyota Yaris or a Toyota Vitz. Big enough for four (it has five doors), as long as the two in the back aren’t basketball players! Economical where petrol is concerned and there are usually a few feature comforts included, such as a radio/CD player, power steering, power windows and that all important air conditioning for those of you who don’t like really hot weather.
  • The Compact Sedan: – a move up into something more suitable for four adults, here we are talking about a car such as a four-door Toyota Corolla. This is a great choice if all four of you enjoy exploring and sightseeing in comfort and once again comes with plenty of extras, including power steering, radio/CD player and refreshing cool air conditioning. A sensible and practical vehicle that is also economical to run.
  • The Small Jeep: – back to fun cars with a bit of extra fun thrown in, as well as three doors this time! A soft top allows you to make the most of the wonderful weather in Barbados, but in case of the odd shower, it is as easy as pie to put the roof back up. Then, of course if it is blistering hot and you want to go out and explore, you can keep the roof up and enjoy a cool blast from the air conditioning. Small jeeps like the Suzuki Jimny are great for couple’s days out and if you are looking to rent a vehicle in Barbados, you will go a long way to find a more versatile car to lease.
  • The Mini Van Car or People carrier: – If you are looking for something bigger to accommodate four of you in bags of space, or six or seven of you in comfort, then you are going to want to consider renting a vehicle such as a Toyota Noah van, though you shouldn’t be expecting any floods! With comfort and space come those much-needed extras to make your trips around the island or to the beach even more enjoyable. These should include a radio/CD player, electric windows, power steering, power mirrors and, of course, air conditioning.

Most hire vehicles in Barbados come with automatic transmission as standard, which is ideal for those who are used to having the steering wheel on the other side of the car and can never find the gear-stick when you need it!

If you are a fan of the family run business and like exceptional personal service, as well as the affordable car rental rates in Barbados, then make sure you give Drive Barbados a call and they will make ensure your hire car is ready and waiting for you the moment you set foot on the island.

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