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Visitor's Permit aka Visitor's
Registration Certificate

Driving on Barbados roads – The Safe & Legal Way

A Foreign visitor must obtain a temporary visitors permit before driving on the roads of Barbados.

Barbados visitor permit

Barbados Visitor's Permit Locations

Authorized authorities can attain this licence – Barbados Revenue Authority offices at:

  • The Pine, St. Michael – Tel: 535 – 850 – 04
  • Holetown, St. James – Tel: 535 – 8162
  • Oistins, Christ Church – Tel: 535 8144
  • Treasury Building, Bridgetown – Tel: 535 – 8349
  • Roebuck Street, Bridgetown – Tel: 467 – 1177 / 21 / 34

(Offices are open between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm on Weekdays, Monday – Friday only)

Or from an authorized car rental company (since we are an authorized car rental company, for your convenience)

Visitors Permit Cost

A Visitor licence is available for two varied periods, each having different fees to consider

Please Note: Barbados drivers permits are valid for over 2 months are only issued by the Barbados Revenue Authority offices.

If you rent a car to get around during your stay in Barbados, we will make it easy for you to acquire a tourist drivers permit valid for up to 2 months on arrival.

Minimum age to obtain a drivers permit.

There is also an age restriction for obtaining a permit to drive. The minimum requirement is 21 years of age or older.

An elderly persons aged 70 years or older wishes to acquire a temporary visitors driving licence. The person will need to produce a medical certificate from a local doctor proving they are fit and healthy to drive.

Do I need an international driving permit to drive in Barbados?

No. However, you must bring your valid drivers licence issued from your country of residence. For example, a Barbados drivers permit is obtained by producing your national drivers licence.

customer waiting outside Barbados licensing Authority in the Pine location

Arranging your Visitor's Permit

When you arrive in Barbados, the last thing you need is the hassle and inconvenience of having to queue up in a government office to get your required temporary licence.

With Drive Barbados, you can avoid all this stress.

Before your visit, we can advise you of what is required and personally deal with administrative and paperwork for you.

We will not only have your vehicle ready and waiting but at the same time, we will to present you with your temporary driving licence as we meet you at the airport.

Visitor Permit Application Barbados Online

Before you submit the application, please follow the simple steps below for complete information about the application procedure and its completion.

Every visitor needs a Visitor’s Registration Certificate commonly known as a Visitor’s Permit, provided by the Barbados Revenue Authority to drive on Barbadian roads.

The permit is issued directly by email via a BRA website online by completing and submitting an application form.

The requirements and charges depend upon the duration of stay.

Visitor’s Permit application for a period of stay under two months

Application Requirements:

The full details include:

  • Your full name
  • Country of residence
  • Date of entry
  • Address in Barbados
Barbados Revenue Authority website

Visitor’s Permit application for a period of stay exceeding 2 months

Application Requirements:
The full details include:
  • Your full name
  • Country of residence
  • Date of entry
  • Address in Barbados

Barbados application process for visitor’s driving permits

Barbados application process
  • It is easy to get paid online on the site.
  • A Visitor’s Registration Certificate commonly referred to as a Visitor’s Permit, can apply their application online via email to or by a car rental company.
  • Once you fill out and submit the visitors driver Permit application form, online applications are reviewed and approved. 
  • A unique identifier number to the applicant is then issued via email. This unique identifier number is what you will use to facilitate payment via the secure payment online platform SurePay at or by visiting any of their SurePay location
  • SurePay cashier will issue a receipt upon payment of permit fee. 
  • The payment confirmation report will be generated and sent to the Barbados Revenue Authority hourly.
  • Upon payment confirmation report, BRA will issue via email the visitors permit by the next business day
  • You can follow up on the permit process or provide assistance to address visitor’s queries.  email or a dedicated telephone line (246) 243 1698

Track Applications

Please enter the code provided when the application has finished. You will also receive notifications via email and SMS when an application gets processed.

Further Info: Visit Barbados Licensing Authority Location

Please note: This service does only offer to our clients