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Car Rental in Barbados

Explore the wonders of Barbados with us & enjoy the freedom at your own pace

Finding the perfect car hire in Barbados

Your needs can be challenging or having to wait for a bus.

When you arrive at Barbados airport, moreover you are unable to locate your rental provider!

Once you’re on the island road. What’s more other problems arise, such as poor communication with local authorities and difficulty getting emergency assistance when you need it.

We are a reputable car rental company in Barbados that offers the lowest rates without sacrificing quality service.

Car Hire Benefits in Barbados

Cleaned & Well maintained cars
– Later Models

Cheap and Affordable
Jeeps, Mokes, Economy hatchback, vans & air-conditioning sedans for short & long term car rental

Free Pickups & Drop-Offs

One-way, point-to-point service throughout the island

Enjoy unlimited mileage

Travel where ever & when ever you want

17/24 Hour roadside assistance

(P.S. No 24 Hour Roadside Assistance) Between 5 am – 10 pm

Cheap Car Hire Deals in Barbados

We have rental vehicles that fit your needs.

Economy – Mini Moke Car

Mini Moke

Kia Moke
convertible or similar

Economy - Hatch-Back Car

Economy Car

Hyundai i10 Hatchback or similar

Compact Sedan Car

Compact Sedan

Toyota Corolla Sedan or similar

7 seat minivan rental

7 Seat Mini van

Toyota Noah liteace van or similar

Barbados Car Rental - Suzuki Jimny

Soft-top Jeep

Suzuki Jimny convertible or similar

Why Choose Drive Barbados Car Rental

Low rate rental & discount deals

No hidden fees.

SAVE UP TO 30 - 50% lower than other brands

Specials all year round

Value for money

No added charges with additional drivers.

Quarter tank of fuel with already excellent rates

A Child seat accessible (over One-month rentals).

Free visitors driving permit (valid for Two-months)

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The most travel-friendly agencies on the island.

We provide value & excellent service for our clients.

We never compromise on satisfaction – No job is complete until you are 100% satisfied!

Efficiency & Comfort!

Our Customer Reviews for Car Hire in Barbados

We love feedback. It helps us understand how better we can serve you.

Car rental in Barbados - Cheap Deals : Drive Barbados

Robert Hardman

"My Barbados honeymoon: Take Two!"
"Don't hire a car when you arrive, exhausted, at the airport.
Get to deliver an air-conditioned hatchback to your hotel for less than the price of an old banger in Europe."
Antongiulio La Corte
"A year ago right car in the category we requested, fast, effective communication, face to face meeting at the airport when we arrived (zero queue), electronic payment by credit card just as usual. I wish the major well-known car rental companies were always this good!"
Dave Blacker
"Excellent, fast, friendly service. At least 20% cheaper than all other quotes!!! Strongly recommended:"

FAQs About Rental Car in Barbados

We encounter different questions every day in our line of duty.

Here are a few responses to some of the queries you probably have

The average car rental price of a hatchback in Barbados. (US$)

• $99 a day

$320 every week ($46 a day)

$1153 every month ($43 a day)

The most booked vehicle type is the Economy hatchback car (Hyundai I10 or similar).

The most booked SUV type is soft top jeep – Suzuki Jimny jeep.

The minimum rental age requirement is 21 years to rent a car. The years of rental experience required to vary from one rental car company to another (on average, about 2 to 3 years of driving rental car experience minimal. Seniors over the age of 65 must submit a local medical certificate before renting a car.

The coverage Drive Barbados provides for our range of vehicles is third party risk. The renter is accountable for any defects or loss during the rental for up to $500. 

Our company inspect to ensure they are in the same conditions they were delivered.

Security Deposit: We usually require a signed credit card imprint for the deductible/security deposit of $500 for accidents and damages that might happen during the rental duration. You should pay the security deposit before renting your cars. If you return your car in the same condition it was delivered, we will fully refund your security deposit.

The payment options Drive Barbados offers are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or cash (USD or PDS sterling).

You will also require an imprint during the pickup for the security deposit.

We offer an online booking process that lets you compare different cars and choose the type of car you need and hand over the key at your arrival. We save you the hassle of looking for a car with our online terms and conditions.; you don’t have to read them at the counter.

To acquire a mandatory visitors two-month permit or a max. of a one-year license, you don’t require an International Driving License for you to rent a car in Barbados.

However, you must present your valid driver license from your country of origin. You must have driving skill of at least two years.

The provisional or expired license won’t be accepted.

You may certainly leave your car at Barbados airport parking lots if you are going outside our usual office hours. Talk to our representative for specific instructions when collecting your transport.

Please email or phone, if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Providing us with your flight details may also be helpful. It will keep us in the know of the changes, and we might hold your car until you arrive.

Drive Barbados takes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or modification of plans caused by cancelled or delayed flight

The speed limits in Barbados, on average is 60 km/h unless otherwise mentioned by road signs.

The average value for Barbados fuel prices 


Car rental in Barbados - Cheap Deals : Drive Barbados


car_rental_locations_ showing_on_map_Barbados

Our Car Rental Locations in Barbados, which we serve

We offer Vehicle Leasing Service in the following areas (Tip: we provide one-way car rental without additional costs)

It's up to you how much enjoyment you have on your vacation.

Avoid these mistakes; you could potentially end up with a similar outcome.

Lack of cooperation and communication

with your company

Hidden rental fees

Restraint Flexibility and freedom to explore

Public road trip options can be limiting because you won't choose where you go.

High rental rate & costly

Avoid the concern of depreciation and maintenance costs.
It is protected from the hardship of high insurance fees, servicing and taxi fares.

Experience delays & stress

You may rely on public transportation like buses or minivans, which can be unreliable.

Drive Away with our Rental Vehicles & Get

Reach out to us, and let’s get you moving on your auto lease

Free pickups
& drop-offs

Unlimited mileage

Discounted car
rental rates

Comfort, convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind

Safety Pledge Covid Protocol

We have taken disinfection and cleanliness to a whole new level

At Drive Barbados, we are committed to making sure that everyone is safe


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Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. Bridgetown is the capital. Around the island are beaches, botanical gardens, the Harrison's Cave formation, and many other tourist attractions.

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