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Short term car rental in Barbados: Rent a short-term car hire today

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If you are looking for the perfect vacation, head to Barbados, the Caribbean leisure island. With a short-term car rental in Barbados, you can make your holiday the height of comfort.

You can now have the time of your life in this tropical island thanks to these fantastic rentals. So, find the perfect transportation option that fits your preferences and requirements.

Whether you’re just passing through the Land of the Flying Fish casually or staying here for a long time, turn your journey into a joyride – an adventure to remember – by renting a small car.

In this article, you will find fantastic, affordable, and a wide variety of rental options in Barbados.

So, use this opportunity to explore the best car rental deals in this tropical paradise:

Explore Short Term Car Rental Options in Barbados

You may wonder why car leases in Barbados are so important. Simply put, if you’re planning a quick getaway to Bimshire, the entire tour would be much easier and flexible with a short-term car rental.

Here are a few suggestive signs why renting a car would be the best way to enjoy your vacation in this tropical paradise:

  • A variety of options
  • Different styles and models available
  • Explore the island freely at your own pace
  • Cars for youngsters and senior citizens alike
  • Different price ranges (anyone can afford them)

It doesn’t matter if you want to drive on breezy coastal roads or make your way through bustling city streets or if you are traveling alone or accompanied by a group of roadies; there’s always an apt set of wheels for you in Barbados.

If you’re traveling in the peak season (December to April), book your ride at least a few days before your flight is scheduled to take off.

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Choosing the Right Car Rental for Your Trip to Barbados

The best way to make lasting memories in Barbados is to get a car that fits your unique needs, preferences, and tastes. That’s the best way to discover the charms of this tropical island at your discretion.

So, consider your short-term needs when booking your wheels online, such as:

  • Are you travelling solo or with friends?
  • How long do you plan to visit Barbados?
  • Which parts of Barbados do you intend to traverse?
  • What’s your itinerary, and what kind of activities do you have in mind?

For instance, a cozy compact would be perfect for city tours, but coastal drives are more enjoyable in a robust SUV or a Moke.

A reliable short-term car lease allows you to check out the island’s many attractions without the commitment of a long-term car lease. The duration of your vacation matters so keep it in consideration.

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Rental Vehicles for Every Need: More Choices for Your Trip

How to Choose the Right Rental Service?

The factors you must keep in mind when choosing the right car for this journey

Important FactorsOption AOption BOption C
Service QualityExcellentOkayAverage
Car OptionsWide rangeLimited rangeLimited range
Rental RatesCompetitiveModerateLow
Additional ServicesFree GPS rentalFree airport pickupNothing
Customer ReviewsOver 4.5/5Between 4/5 and 4.5/5Between 3.5/5 and 4/5

Rental Wheels for Every Need: More Choices for Your Trip

Nothing promises a therapeutic retreat in Barbados more believably than renting a reliable car.

But how do you choose the right car for this journey?

Rest assured, we offer most kinds of options designed to boost the longing for a tropical escapade.

Whether you’re looking for:

  • A solo flight
  • A business trip
  • A family excursion
  • A getaway from friends

We’ve got it covered.

Hopefully, you realize now how to find a vehicle tailored to your unique preferences.

Here’s why our short-term car rental services are the best in Barbados:

  • Check out our user-friendly booking system and get your affordable rental sedan today.
  • Since your plans might change, we offer the flexibility of short-term rental agreements, so you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Whether you need a car for a month or a week, contact a quality rental service in Barbados that always puts your needs first.

(Note: Drive Barbados does not offer one-day car hire in our services)

Book now and enter the driving seat with the perfect rental for your short-term vacation.

Access Top Car Rental Deals for Your Next Short-Term Trip

If you have a short-term trip in mind, there’s no better place to enjoy a relaxing beach getaway than the tropical haven called Barbados.

So, visit our website and find out the best rental options to fulfill all your travel needs.

Our incredible range of diverse vehicles has a single goal: no trip to Barbados should be over budget. That’s why we strike an ideal balance between cost and comfort for your guests.

Please visit our user-friendly website and:

  • Assess your travel requirements
  • Check various rental options
  • Do a quick price comparison
  • Secure the best deal of your life

Is the idea of your upcoming quick getaway to the Caribbean stressing you out? Throw this unwanted stress out the window by booking a rental option today.

We’ll be your partner on the road, ensuring you get the most out of your adventure with a nice car that fits right into your travel plans.

car rental deals for your next short term trip to barbados

Drive Barbados: Exceptional Rental Service for Short Stays

You can now stay in Barbados for three months in a given year. This island country welcomes all tourists, and tourism is a big part of its economy.

But it’s up to you whether you’re heading to this tropical sanctuary in the next few days or planning a dedicated Caribbean getaway for a long time.

Don’t worry; with a range of choices, our term car rental options deliver the flexibility required to explore the island at your own pace.

Say goodbye to transportation pains and the hassle of finding affordable taxis in this tourist hub. We ensure the perfect rental awaits your arrival.

At Drive Barbados, elevating your travel experience is our one-and-only goal. We keep a spotless and well-maintained fleet, ready to be of service on short notice.

Lease a car from us, and then you can travel along the scenic coastal highways or drive away to important meetings with hours to spare. Our rentals are known for comfort, style, and reliability, matching the unique needs of every tourist coming our way

You can expect these benefits at Drive Barbados:

  • Personalized rentals
  • Flexibility in pricing options
  • Rent via verified payment methods (Visa, mast , Discover or just simple cash)
  • Streamlined check-in procedures (immediate booking)

With Drive Barbados, your rental is more than a booking—it would be the first step toward an unforgettable island journey.

Call us today and gear up for a comfortable stay in Barbados with the ultimate convenience at your fingertips.

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Discover the Most Popular Car Rental Locations in Barbados Cities

Whichever Barbadian city you wish to check out, our well-kept cars will be your ride there. We cover many amazing places in this wonderful country – all of them visited by tourists from all over the world.

Our wide range of car leases could be your perfect partner in crime, whether you want to see the coast or explore the beautiful towns of the proud nation of Barbados.

From Bridgetown to Christ Church, you can navigate the streets by choosing a car that perfectly fits your travel requirements. That’s because we tailor our car leases to meet your short-term transportation needs, regardless of your destination within the island’s many locations.

map highlighting car rental locations served by drive barbados in speightstown, holetown, bridgetown, oistins, and near grantley adams international airport

Some other locations we serve include:

  • Holetown
  • Worthing
  • Speightstown
  • St Lawrence Gap
  • Hastings
  • Bridgetown

Each car lease at Drive Barbados takes great care to meet your satisfaction. Our awesome collection of wheels exhibits tip-top maintenance and readiness to promise a seamless start to your Barbadian pilgrimage immediately upon arrival.

Fulfill your desire to travel and touch the Barbadian sea by tapping into exceptional deals at our car rental locations. You’ll make your short-term stay in this tropical haven an economical delight and an easily affordable holiday.

Rent a car today and bathe in the charms of Barbados through the freedom of personal transport provided by reliable car rentals in its most charming cities.

busy broad street in bridgetown, barbados, with pedestrians and cars captured by drive barbados

Hassle-Free Car Rental Experience at Bridgetown Grantley Adams International Airport

Imagine your flight has just touched the ground at the Grantley Adams International Airport, the only airport for tourists heading to Barbados. You get out of the aircraft and breathe in the earthy scent of the world’s most remarkable tropical location.

You’re excited to start your excursion and check out the places you’ve previously seen only in tourist books. But there’s no bus to take you eight miles away to Bridgetown. And the taxis cost a lot, especially if you don’t plan to drive around with a local guide.

You should simply go with a rental, whether you’re seeking a 3-day car hire for quick trips or a weekly car for a more extended stay.

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you’ll get a smooth, hassle-free car rental process for your utmost ease and comfort.

Quick and easy, our staff will be ready to speed up your short-term car pick-up. We will deliver the car right at your location so you can begin your Barbados adventure without delay.

The moment you exit the airport arrival area, we’ll be there to greet you, with the car you have chosen for you stay in Barbados.

While affordability is a crucial factor, cheap does not come at the expense of quality at Drive Barbados.

Every car rental we have promises you reliability and comfort. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, our team strives to provide options that suit the nature of your tour.

When you choose to rent with us, we’re not just offering a car near you—we’re granting you the keys to an unforgettable island experience.

grantley adams international airport in barbados under clear blue skies, signifying a smooth start to a hassle-free car rental experience

Book Your Rental Car Today

At Drive Barbados, we realize that not all trips are the same. Whether it’s a quick summer getaway with friends, a honeymooners’ retreat, or a carefully planned business trip to Barbados, all trips have different needs.

But we take care of your unique travel requirements with personalized rental options. Our rentals give you much-needed flexibility, comfort, and convenience.

Secure a car rental deal is a very simple process and it takes a few minutes to find a car that fits your specific needs. In terms of model, style, colour, spaciousness, mileage, condition, and other major factors, everybody has a perfect vehicle in mind.

Our fleet is composed of affordable compact sedans, jeeps, minivans, and mini-mokes. All these cars cater to your tourism passion by offering:

  • Ample storage space for luggage
  • Enough seats for passengers
  • Convenient fuel type
  • Radio/CD player (optional)
  • Open-top cars available

Mini Moke Convertible

Kia Moke (open top) or simila

Mini Moke Kia Picanto vehicle to rent in Barbados

Compact vehicles

Toyota Corolla or similar

Toyota Corolla compact sedan car for rent in Barbados

Seven Seater Mini van

Toyota Noah Liteace van or similar
Toyota Noah minivan 7 seater vehicle for rent in Barbados


Even though Barbados is a small island nation, it has 1,475km of roads to explore. If you want to discover the beauty of Barbados – especially if you’re a first-time visitor – renting a vehicle for a short period is essential.

You can easily rent a car if you’re 21 years old. For 20-year-old drivers, there is an extra fee, and drivers aged 70+ must bring a medical certificate when leasing a ride.

You can get a variety of fantastic beasts to navigate the coastal roads in Barbados. These cars include a Moke, Sedan, Economy, Compact, and SUV.

Renting a car is a very cost-effective way to make your day in Barbados. In Barbados, rental cars cost, on average, around $1,153 per month ($43 a day).

Yes, you’d need an international driver’s license to drive in Barbados. Don’t worry; you can ask Drive Barbados for help when it comes to procuring the necessary licenses and permits.

Ready to Rent? Start Your Car Rental Journey Now

So, what did we learn in the end?

We’ve learned the importance of having a short-term rental car for a memorable Barbados holiday.

Are you still weighing your options for the best car rental in town?

Don’t hesitate – start the booking process now and head to your next tropical adventure without delay.

Rent a car from Drive Barbados today to explore the heart and soul of Barbados at your own pace.

Embrace the freedom to :

  • Fantastic beaches
  • Scenic landscapes
  • Local diners and eateries
  • Famous tourist attractions

Don’t miss out on the convenience and adventure – rent a car in Barbados today and make the most of your holiday in this beautiful island nation.