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Reasons to Choose Long Term Car Hire & Leasing Barbados

Extended Trips and Vacations

For extended trips and vacations, we always need a travel friend-like vehicle to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Hiring a car for the long term prevents you from having to put mileage on your personal vehicle and enjoy an extended family holiday. If you are planning a vacation to Barbados and stay here for a long time. Long term car rental and leasing service can be the best option for roaming around.

Ideal For Digital Nomads

The people who love to work remotely and discover the world’s natural places can take the hospitality of long term car hiring service. Sometimes a job needs the flexibility to work – you can roam in different cities for a couple of months even a year. Freelancers who provide freelance service to their clients can visit Barbados — The Bimshire Island and visit popular places even while working.

Flexible Contract Terms

Long term car rental service comes with flexible contract terms to ensure that you are not going to be tied up to a given contract term commitment. As we are human beings, we are not sure what will happen next. If something bad happens to you or you don’t want to continue the contract you sign with your car owner, you can simply return the car without any penalty.

Overall Savings

If you require a rental car for longer than the average rental period, a monthly or long-term car rental turns out to be more affordable than a short-term lease or several shorter rentals. Compared to other short term car rental services, you will get the best car rental deal with long term car hiring to save a lot of bucks.

Short Term Car Rental
Long Term Car Hire

  • Affordable Rates
    • The longer you rent a car, the more discounts you will get. Compared to short-term car rental, long-term car hire in Barbados is cheaper and affordable.
  • Flexible Contracts
    • Compared to a long-term car lease, you can hire a car as little as a week if you choose short term car rental
  • Change of Car
    • With a long term car rental service, you can change your car after every three months. On the other hand, you cannot change your car without terminating the current contract in a short term car rental service.

Why We Are the Best for Long Term Car Rental Service Barbados

What Our Pleasing Customers Said After Taking Our Long Term Car Hire Service

Long Term Car Rental

Have used Drive Barbados for many years. Good clean cars and reliable service.
No hesitation in recommending them.

Stuart Tippleston

Long Term Car Leasing FAQs

Barbados is a great place for the remote workers who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature while working. According to Barbados covid 19 travel guidelines, anyone can grant a 12 month Welcome Stamp Visa to stay in Barbados during Covid 19. Anyone can apply for the visa electronically with their passport and other essential documents. According to Barbados Tourism Marketing, visitors from high-risk countries containing Covid 19 cases must take the Covid 19 test before departure. 

The cost range for long term car rental and leasing Barbados depends on criteria such as vehicle types, duration, and maintenance. Though most of the car rental companies in Barbados offer free maintenance for long term hire and monthly car rentals, the average costs could be $38 per day.

If you rent a car for a day, you probably don’t get enough discount than rent a long term car Barbados. For example, if you rent a car for a month instead of a week or a day, you can reduce the average cost from $38/day to $26/day. So, we can say that it is cheaper to choose long term car rental and leasing in Barbados instead of short term car hire. 

If you are planning to stay in Barbados for a while and need vehicle support for moving around the country, you can rent a car for any duration. We recommend our customers rent a car for at least 1 month for a long-term car hiring process. However, you can choose any vehicle from our office for 1, 3, or 6 months of leasing. We also offer long term car leasing for more than 1 year with a great discount. 

Long Term Vehicle Rental Solutions Barbados

With our wide range of vehicles, you can choose your desired Car rental Barbados for your

Our selection of late-model vehicles includes fuel-efficient compact sedans, fun mini-moke,
hatchbacks, jeeps, and family minivans, for every budget!

Your driving experience, safety, and comfort are paramount for our team.

This is why, even though you’ll get the cheapest car rental rates in all Barbados, our first priority
is to have vehicles that are up-to-date, clean and polished, fueled up, reliable, thoroughly
maintained, and most importantly safe!

Before you step foot in any of our cars, we take vigorous car safety checks.

We do everything to
make driving trouble-free so that you’re never left stranded on the side of the road.


Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. Bridgetown is the capital. Around the island are beaches, botanical gardens, the Harrison's Cave formation, and many other tourist attractions.

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