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How to Rent a Car for Driving in Barbados

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Must Knows Before Renting a Vehicle

Unlike some countries where you can simply book your car, pay for rental and off you drive, Barbados requires all foreign visitors to the island to obtain a temporary visitors permit before driving on the roads of Barbados. Visitor Permit is required by law.

(Although you can get us to obtain a Visitor Driver Permit on your behalf when you hire one of our vehicles to rent, we’ve created a detailed page here about how to obtain a Visitors Drivers Permit).

How Old is the Age Requirements to Rent a Car in Barbados?

Age limit for driving a rental vehicle in Barbados is that you need to be at least 21 years old. Some car rental companies may not rent out their vehicles unless the driver has held a valid driver’s license for 3 or even 5 years.

Senior citizens over the age of 70 also require a medical certificate from a local doctor in order to qualify to rent a vehicle in Barbados.

Can You Rent a Car at the Barbados Airports?

Similar to most Airports around the world, you can rent a car at the Barbados airports (such as Grantley Adams International, Bridgetown Airport (BGI)).

Should You Rent a Car at the Barbados Airport?

We believe doing so would be like searching to buy a Christmas present day before Christmas. Meaning, you come off of the plane usually tired, need to find your luggage and bags, clear through the customs and the last thing that should be on your mind is “where to hire a car in Barbados, or which vehicle to choose, am I paying more for my rental because I left it to the last moment”.

With Drive Barbados car rentals well maintained modern cars and low prices are part of our daily offer.

Unlike some other car rental companies, our family owned and operated business always goes the extra mile by providing affordable rates, exceptional customer service, Roadside Assistance, help get Visitor Driver Permit, provide friendly local advice.

Review for Our Car Hire Service.

Great experience renting from Drive Barbados.
We wanted to rent the soft top Jimny, however they didn’t have it and suggested a similar, smaller and cuter ride. The Kia Picanto soft top and without doors, best car for to use on the island in my opinion and was so much fun to drive.
It’s a local family business and was such a joy doing business with them. Great price and amazing service.
Abdul quoted me over the phone, sent him details of driving licenses, collected the vehicle and was in good condition, they also came to collect the vehicle, it was all so seamless.
They also have a great variety of compact, sedan and family cars to rent.
Such a joy doing business with them, we couldn’t be happier…
Will definitely recommend, and help support trusted local and family business!

What are the Speed Limits in Barbados?

When driving a rental car in Barbados, you should observe speed limits posted at various points along all minor and major roads. If in doubt simply follow the rule of about 40 km/h when driving in populated areas and stay within 80 km/h on highways. When in doubt look for the speed-limit signs, or simply ask us.

How to Rent a Vehicle in Barbados?

The most frequently booked car hire type in Barbados is economical vehicles such as Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai I10 or similar vehicles. Having said this, depending on your wants, consider our Mini Moke Convertible vehicles, or Soft-Top Jeep for that ultimate holiday experience.

Simply visit our rental car guide section to learn more, or simply Get a Car Rental quote now.

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FAQs about rental cars in Barbados

Serving valued clients since 2000 our family owned and operated car rental company has answered these type of common questions: 

Renting a vehicle allows you the freedom to explore Barbados at your own schedule and pace.

There is much to do and see in Barbados with its spectacular coastline, remarkably varied cultural heritage sites and protected natural areas.

Compared to any other form of transport in Barbados for holiday makers (coaches, tours, private taxi) renting one of our vehicles is budget friendly and also cost-effective way to enjoy  Barbados the way its meant to be explored.

Although different models of our rental vehicles have different rates for hire, on average, rental rate of an economy hatchback is (US$) $99 daily, $320 weekly, $1153 monthly.

As you can see in our $320 weekly rate for typical hatchback, the longer the rental period, cheaper are the rates. This means, if you are staying in Barbados for a while, we encourage all our valued customers to take advantage of our great rental offers.

Yes. Similar to other major city airports, there are car rental agents as well as Barbados taxi drivers at Grantley Adams International Airport.

You can use your Visa and Mastercard to pay for your rental vehicle.

However, do keep in mind that some car rental agents in Bridgetown Grantley Adams International Airport do not accept cash. Additionally, authorization is needed for add-on services such as security or insurance if you were to leave hiring a rental vehicle till you get here at Bridgetown Grantley Adams International Airport.

We strongly encourage all our valued customers who are thinking of renting a car in Barbados to arrange your rental vehicle and driver permit before hand (it will be much cheaper as well as convenient compared to renting a car at Grantley Adams International airport).

The economy hatchback ( Chevrolet spark or similar) is the most booked car type. The most booked SUV type is the soft-top Jimny jeep.

Having said this, all will depend on your requirements. For example: you’ve explored the island with your family already in one of our Compact Sedans or Seven Seater Mini Van, why not now spoil yourself, leave the teenagers at the hotel for a day and explore Barbados in one of our Mini Moke Convertible rentals?

Whether you are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia or Australia, just like driving in any country caution must be practiced as a road user, and obeying the traffic laws of Barbados island will ensure safe driving experience.

We’re always happy to help, advice and answer any questions you may have about driving in Barbados, simply get in touch with us.

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