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Mini Moke

Mini Moke

Kia Moke convertible or similar



Hyundai I10 Hatchback or similar

Compact Vehicles

Compact vehicles

Toyota Corolla Sedan or similar

7 Seat Minivan

7 Seat Minivan

Toyota Noah Liteace or similar

Soft-Top Jimny jeep

Soft-top Jimny

Suzuki Jeep (Soft Top) or similar

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Extra Options

Visitors drivers permit :

This is mandatory for all visitors.
Maximum of 2 drivers / vehicle

Infant/child/booster safety seat

US$ 5 per day (US$ 50 max.)
Required for children under the age of five


US$ 25 / week. (US$100 max
Apply to person over the age of 35+ yrs
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east cost landscape Barbados

Take advantage of our affordable rates and discover the whole island in the most convenient way to give you the freedom to enjoy, explore and indulge in comfort and style.

We have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles. Choose from our selection of late-model rental cars, including fuel-efficient economy cars for every budget

Services offered with your car rental:

What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance (sometimes called roadside service) is the service which assists individuals in an emergency situation.

For example, the service is arranged through a club like AA or prepaid card or through travel insurance plans like Allianz that can be used for a rental car.

Usually, the roadside assistance provided by members of AAA is more detailed than the ones you can find on credit cards.

Covered roadside assistance services benefits:

Here are the extended services that we provide and the fee for each service:

Lockout Service

 In case your car keys are locked inside the vehicle, lost or broken; we provide replacement keys or locksmith assistance to get access to your vehicle

Flat Tire Aid & Replacement

 Do not be stranded by a flat tire on the side of the road. We will replace it with an inflated spare

Battery & Jump Start Service

 If your car’s battery is dead, leave the lights on

Fuel Delivery Service

 (up to US$20 fuel to reach the nearest gas station or your location at an additional charge.)

Replacement automobile

experience Vehicle troubles may include towing (where no police report is filed in the event of an accident or personal injuries.)

Terms and conditions on emergency roadside assistance:

However, you will be responsible for the cost of non-warrantable tire repair and lost-key replacement or other services.

  • Carry a valid driver’s license from your country of origin. ( NO international driver’s permit is required ). You can get a mandatory visitor’s permit to drive in Barbados. Also, make sure you have a valid credit card.
  • Parking areas marked as P within Bridgetown (within city limits). Make sure you park in well-lit areas for safety
  • Suppose you decide to rent a car in Barbados. Avoid rush-hour traffic on the island heading towards Bridgetown (the capital) during morning session and returning in the afternoon. It’s crucial when you intend to be on the road or have appointments
  • Most of Barbados’s roads are one lane in either direction. Many country streets are poorly lit at night, so be careful when travelling
  • Wearing seat belts are required by law (for both drivers and passengers)
  • Despite its small size, driving is not unusual to find oneself lost when driving on an island like Barbados. Renting a GPS is a good investment, or downloading Google Maps on your phone.
  • Consider taking a taxi for Barbados car rentals outside the airport, as prices usually include a kiosk fee.
  • Observe points on Barbados’ roads with varying speed limits! Traffic can be unpredictable, so take precautions!
    City areas 40 km/h (25 mph)
    Rural areas 60 km/h (37 mph)
    ABC Highway/Spring Garden Highway 80 km/h (50 mph)

Our Customers Review for road assistance

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Andrew Hoyle


3 years  ago

We used Drive Barbados for a Moke. The car was what we wanted, their pricing was fair, their service was prompt and all communication was good. As it turned out a fault later occurred with the car (these things can happened) but I was pleased with the speed and way in which they promptly provided an alternative vehicle – I believe problems with their cars are rare but it is good to know you are dealing with people who promptly and conscientiously resolve problems. Strongly recommended.

FAQs About Road Assistance Drive Barbados

Suppose the battery dies in your rental car. In that case, you’ll need to contact the car company, Customer Service department, or call centre at +246-624-0702. We will jump start your car or replace the battery if needed.

Unlike in the UK, driving in Barbados is done on the left side of the road. Each rental is marked with the letter H on the license plate. Roundabouts have many uses, especially at major road crossings, and you should be careful in your navigation. For children aged 5 and below, a child seat is needed. They are available at the cost of US$5.00 per day.

The difference between these two services is that you return your car to the exact location with a round trip. With a one-way car rental, you return your rental car to a different location

Contact us immediately for onsite assistance if your vehicle breaks down or has a tire issue. In such cases, rental car companies must cover the labour cost to change a broken tire or transport the car to the nearest repair shop.

Renting a car is quick and reputable agencies offer free delivery or pickup.

Barbados’s age requirement for car rental is 21. Usually, the requirement is 2-5 years of driving experience. In addition, drivers over the age of 70 are required to have a medical certificate.

Yeah, you can take out your vehicle again. In some instances, it’s called a single trip rental. Occasionally a booking fee may also apply.

To get rented vehicles in Barbados, a valid driver’s license of a national origin driver will be needed. It’s required mainly for the majority of rental companies. However, some may require transferring cash rather than using your card.

Roadside assistance is often time-limited and entails essential roadside emergency services such as vehicular breakdown, tire change, or jump start. Rental car insurance will protect costs incurred due to theft, accidents, or delays.

Drive Barbados accepts debit and credit card Visa, MasterCard, Discover card and AMEX.

Map showing Car Rental Locations In Barbados

Map of Car Rental Locations in Barbados

Top destinations to rent a car

Take advantage of one-way car rentals at various pickup and drop-off locations on the island, and get more control over your journey.

    • Capital City Bridgetown car rentals
    • Saint Lawrence Gap, south coast, car rentals
    • Oistins car rentals
    • Speightstown car rentals
    • Hastings car rentals
    • Holetown car rentals
    • Worthing car rentals

Top Attractions in Barbados

Hiking in Clifton Hall Woods, St John
Hiking in Clifton Hall Woods, St John
Morgan Lewis Mill, St. Andrew
Morgan Lewis Mill, St. Andrew
horseback riding Barbados Glyne Tel. 2579430
horseback riding Barbados Glyne Tel. 2579430
Carlise bay beach, Bay Street, Barbados
Carlise bay beach, Bay Street, Barbados
Barclays Pak (East Coast Park), St. Joseph
Barclays Pak (East Coast Park), St. Joseph
Andromeda Garden Barbados
Andromeda Garden Barbados
The tide pools at Bathsheba beach
The tide pools at Bathsheba beach
Harrison cave
Harrison cave


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